Friday, April 17, 2009

Look What Amy Came Home With Today!


She thought it was just the songs from the show until I put the disc in and discovered it was a taping of the show! I knew her teacher videotaped it, and I was planning to send in a tape to get a copy, but this is even better (I suspect the grandparents are going to be getting a copy of this, too...)! Our seats last night were on the side where the ladybugs were standing and we couldn't see Amy much at all. The room was packed so it wasn't like we could just up and move our seats. I'm so tickled to have this, especially for Steve, who couldn't see much of her performing unless she was in the center of the stage and of course, for Amy to remember this great experience.

This is the fabulous music teacher who put this together...100_5933

Amy was eating some of those Nerd candies, so her face is a little silly looking, sorry. All the students got a flower for their performance as well which I thought was very sweet.

As I'm typing this I hear Amy singing along...awesome.



Carol said...

How generous of the school to hand those videos out. And she is a true performer if she is already receiving flowers for her performance lol

Alanna said...

What a great memory for Amy and for you all to have. This can be enjoyed for years to come.

Angela2932 said...

Wonderful photos from such a cute event! How nice to have the video! Jeanne, I hope you're not being buried today by the snow! How are you enjoying the editing book?

Kim Burmeister said...

This is awesome! Not only do you have great pics for layout, but you have it on video for Amy to remember and sing with. Great memories!

Sarah said...

That is a FABULOUS pic of Amy with the teacher! I am loving the gap in the teeth...My Amy hasn't had fromt teeth in ages LOL

stampmonkey said...

How thoughtful of the school/teachers to put together videos for all the parents (and grandparents too --Wow!). A wonderful gift and one of those lifetime treasures. (Too bad they didn't let people know ahead of time. May have saved a lot of stress for those who didn't have such good seats. lol)