Friday, March 27, 2009

Crafty Afternoon...

The storm has moved on and it was nice and sunny (but very cool) most of the day. Let the melting begin!

The girls and I had a fun afternoon. First, we chatted with Erin...
100_5746 100_5747 100_5750

Then we finally got started on making some origami flowers. Erin gave me the link a few weeks ago. You can find the instructions here. The link should take you to a PDF page. If it doesn't work right, try clicking here. You'll see lots of free craft ideas there. The flowers are drying, and we still need to make I'll share them when they are completely done. Here are a couple of pictures of the girls working on the petals though...

100_5761 100_5766

Then we started working on beaded ladies. I received one as a RAK from Erin and she thought the girls would have fun making their own crazy ladies. Only Jessica insists hers is NOT a crazy lady, just an uncrazy lady...LOL
100_5777 100_5778

100_5784 100_5787

The girls took their own pictures of their beaded beauties...they insisted. All I did was set up the wire, they did the rest on their own. They did a super job and had a ton of fun.

Steve got home a little earlier than we expected and Amy helped him work on a computer...she got to help tighten some screws and did a mighty find job of it, too!

100_5781 100_5782

It was definitely a fun afternoon...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your weekend has started off wonderfully.



Kathi Carlson said...

Sweet, sweet photos! It appears that you had the best of days!! Listening to my boys reminisce now, I can tell you that it was our days like this that they remember as special.

Sarah said...

I am loving the beaded ladies LOL they are so cute. Can't wait to see the flowers!

Kim Burmeister said...

Looks like your girls are going to take after their mom and dad. It is nice to see children playing with their parents and helping them.

Looks like you took advantage of a snowy day!

stampmonkey said...

I love seeing all the fun projects that you and your girls do together! Love Jessica's 'uncrazy lady' comment. ;) Those origami flowers look so pretty -- I'm sure the girls were having fun making them!