Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom, Are You Going To Work on My Widget Now?

That's the question I've been asked by Jessica too many times to count since I finished Amy's Wubbzy doll. It didn't matter what I might be doing; cleaning, cooking, driving the van, going to the bathroom...she'd ask. LOL So, yesterday I worked on Widget during any free time I had and  finally got her done. Jessica was already asleep when I finished, so I put Widget on her bed so she'd see her right when she woke up this morning. She was so happy!

100_5646 100_5647

100_5649 100_5648

Jessica's still in pajamas in the photo because this week is school spirit week and today is Pajama Day. Golly, I've never seen two girls more excited than these two with the fact that they get to wear pajamas to school! LOL And Amy took her bunny slippers!! I told her she couldn't wear them outside the classroom. I hope she remembers.

We are having record breaking warmth this week. I feel bad for those who are dealing with more winter weather, but here it's just plain gorgeous. Jess and I flung open several windows so that fresh air could permeate the house. I also got  bitten by a bit of a cleaning bug and worked hard on cleaning up around here. I even vacuumed the van! That is a chore, let me tell you, and it doesn't get done often enough as the amount of crumbs and trash bits on the floor can attest. But it looks a lot better now!

I am hoping to reward myself for my cleaning efforts this morning by doing something creative, so hopefully I'll have something to share later this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh and Jessica has already asked for the next project! She's just like my mom was...."Ooooh, I love it! Thanks...now will you make _____ for me, next?" LOL



Anke said...

Arrgghh, you get to open windows! If I tried that we would freeze our derrieres off! Love the widget!! Did you add the pants later or crocheted them right on? How cool!!!!

Kathi Carlson said...

A very fine Widget that is, as evidenced in Jessica's million dollar smile! Seventy-degree weather sounds pretty fine, too. Here, I'm happy enough with sunshine and 30 degrees! Little did you know you were sending a neckwarmer to someone who might very well need it in May! LOL!

Carol said...

I feel like I am always repeating myself, but your talents are amazing. Widget goes so well Wubzzy. And Jessica looks so proud of her.

gloria in Utah :) said...

We had our windows open here in Utah, but that's going to change..as is your weather since you get what we get. Cold front moving in tonight and rain and SNOW. I'm not amused. We are leaving next Tuesday for Vegas for our daughter's wedding, and we have to take CHAINS!! I just hope Vegas is warmer!! Love the widget. Very cute...AS USUAL!! LOL

gloria in Utah :)

Barb W said...

These are some funny looking little creatures...you do an awesome job putting them together and I know your little darlings love them so thats all that matters.

Kim Burmeister said...

Another awesome job on these little guys! My boys know this one! Cute!