Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick update, but no artwork...

Hi Friends!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely week. I thought I'd let you know that Amy stayed home from school again today and judging by her behavior, I'm not sure if she'll go tomorrow. :(

First off, yesterday she was bouncing off the walls, literally! She and Jessica chased each other and played really well. I thought we had turned the corner. When we picked up Jess from school, she was running around the area by Jessica's room. I took them to swim class, but only Jessica got to swim. Amy stayed with me. Then she started acting tired. At dinner she barely ate, so I took her temp (which had gone down to almost normal during the day) and it was up to 102.5 again. Darn! She went to bed fine, then kept waking me up with her coughing. So, at 1:30 we both parked on the couch again so she wouldn't disturb Jessica's sleeping. Because she is more reclined on the couch, instead of laying flat, it also helped her cough. She slept til about 6am. But all day today she's been quiet and lethargic. The temp has stayed near 99-100, which is better, but she keeps telling me she's tired (I'll bet after being restless all night and she won't nap). Sigh...we'll see how she does tonight I guess.

I haven't been able to get into my corner to work on any cards this week. Sorry about that. IF she goes to school tomorrow, I'll try to work on something to share, otherwise it'll be the weekend.

I mentioned Jessica swimming. Well, it was the last day of this session and it's a "fun" day. Meaning, they usually have a big blow up slide or something for the kids to play on. They didn't have it yesterday. Instead, Jessica's instructor had them do swim relay races. They paired up and did different strokes to see who was the fastest. What made me grin the most was that Jessica, my little, teeny, tiny, 40 pound (barely) 6 year old peanut, was winning most of the little races! I cannot believe how far she has come. She's even moving up to the next level for the next session! She has the know-how, but lacks endurance, because she is so small. I was so tickled that she beat boys who were quite a bit bigger than she is (and that acted like they were "better" at swimming) Go, Jessica! She even did a few belly-flops, I mean,  dives, off the diving block. She has made such great strides since we've started these classes. Well worth the investment, I say!

Okay, that's all from me for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon with something pleasing to look at!



Kathi Carlson said...

Thanks for the update. It sounds like Amy might be on the mend but not quite there yet. Hope Mommy is getting enough rest, too! Take care, friend!!

gloria in Utah said...

Sorry to hear about your sick baby. It's always tough. Kudos to Jessica tho. (BIG GRIN)

We are in Las Vegas having a crazy week with people going in and out of our condo. The wedding is tomorrow and we are almost done with the cupcakes( her choice instead of a cake) and all the other things are packed and ready to go for the reception. The groom's parents are great. She has helped me with alot of things. Our daughter's friends took her to a strip club last night and they didn't get in until 5am. (yikes!!) Anyway, take care of the peanut and hope she feels better really soon!!

gloria in Utah:) (well, Vegas right now..LOL)