Friday, March 6, 2009

Pass The Pigs, Please...

Happy Friday to you! I hope you all are ready for a nice, relaxing weekend! I am hoping for one that provides some mojo as it seems to have slipped from my grasp this week. I've sat down, tried to create and given up in frustration. I hate it when that happens. My mind spins with ideas of what do create when I can't sit down, but when I've been able to...poof...the ideas and motivation are gone! Phooey.

I thought I'd share some fun Jessica and I had this morning. Yesterday I found a game at Target called Pass the Pigs. It's a party game and apparently has been around for awhile. I'd never heard of it, but the little pigs in the game are irresistible.
100_5674  100_5671 100_5663 100_5666

100_5667  100_5668


Basically, you use the two pigs as your dice. You roll them and, depending on how they land, you get points (or lose points). The first person to 100 points, wins! There is a picture guide of the different point values for each combination of how they land. We've only played a few times and I can't believe how well Jessica has done. She's one lucky kid. One turn she got 60 points! Wow1 You can see the final score of that game in the photo above. She already remembers the names of the different combinations and their point value. Amazing.

I also found a Bunco game for $4.99! I've played it once or twice before and had fun. I thought it was simple enough for the girls to play and to help them with adding in a real world (sorta) setting. This game came with a bell (the kind you hit to get service when you don't see a clerk), a fuzzy die, 9 dice in three colors and the score pad. Not too shabby for $5. Jess and I played that game, too before she had to go to school and she was thrilled to have "won" the hot pink fuzzy die! She beat the pants off me in that game as well before it got too long for her attention span. I told you, she's a lucky one! Maybe I should have her guess numbers for the lottery? LOL

I hope you have a great Friday and I also hope that my mojo returns in some fashion so I can share something fun with you.



Kathi Carlson said...

For fun! Isn't it amazing how lucky the little ones are? I think it has to do with their positive attitudes. Bjorn and Mathias beat the pants off me regardless of what game we play. I hope your mojo returns. I've been in a bit of a slump lately, too!!

Kelly Jo said...

I love this game! We're adults in my family and enjoy playing this!

Barb W said...

Fun times! THESE are great photos and memories for a Project 365 album. You know...I don't think it's too late for you to start. Grab some freebie templates-use the links on my 365 blog-and go thru your posts for 2009...I'll bet you can come up with enough base photos to get you going. If you have empty spots...photograph your favorite 'something', flower, room in your house, card, etc. You can do've already got a great start here!

Sarah said...

Pass the pigs is a great game! love the pics