Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Year Older and...

My brain cells are fading! My birthday was on Sunday. And this morning I got a call from the dental hygienist's office asking me if I was on my way. Huh? My appointment isn't until the 2nd. It is the 2nd! Sheepishly, I apologized and we rescheduled for tomorrow morning.  Oh man that holiday on a Monday throws me off, I was thinking today was Monday! I felt like a dork.

I haven't posted in a few days because I haven't created in a few days. As I mentioned I had a birthday and I've debated whether I should bring it up for, you see, my husband forgot. Yes, he did. Now, he knew it "was coming up," but lost track of what day of the month it was. (claims he gets his memory from his mom) On my birthday he bought himself a new bike and a new printer. He bought me dinner, (where we were seated in a station that had no server). We were taken pity on by a waitress who had passed our table a few times and realized no one had taken care of us. I've done a little retail therapy to help ease the thought that he forgot my birthday, so it's okay-sort of-not really-but what can you do? It happened and I can't change the fact. Just move on, faded brain cells and all.

I've been getting phone calls and emails from other people who actually remembered, so it wasn't all bad! My friend Becky came by with this lovely card AND the stamp set! Isn't it pretty?! Thanks, Becky!


And to end on a happier note...I took my crutches back today! Yessireebob, I may be limping still, but I don't need those crutches no mo'. The swelling, bruising and pain has lessened quite a bit. Yee-haw!

Hope you all have a great day and week!



Barb W said...

Oh sweetie! Happy Birthday to you! I guess it's not so bad if both of you forgot! But, my goodness! I am glad that others remembered and the card you got from your friend, Becky is gorgeous.

Glad you don't need those crutches "no mo'!" Still take it easy.

Blessings to you~ Barb ;D

Kathi Carlson said...

Great card and fun-looking stamps from Becky. About the husband and your birthday, you'll have to drop hints next year, hit him over the head, whatever it takes. LOL. You can keep the retail therapy thing going a little longer, too. I'm glad you've rid yourself of those nasty crutches. Take care.

Anke said...

Oh happy birthday Jeanne!!! WE are not getting older, just better! AS for hubby forgetting, it used to happen all the time at my house, now we have the kids to remind him, LOL. I hope you bought yourself something really expensive.

stampmonkey said...

Aww...I feel so bad for you! I'm glad, though, that others remembered your special day. ;) I doesn't make up for it, but I know it must help quite a bit. How funny that Steve went shopping for himself on YOUR bday! After he sees the receipts of your resulting necessary 'retail therapy,' I'll bet he never forgets your bday again! lol

Becky's card (and the stamp set) is very pretty. Love that brayered rainbow effect. You're very blessed to have such sweet (and talented!) friends. And if you'd have let us know (and given us your address), we, too, could've added to your sunshine.

Happy belated birthday, girlfriend! And congrats to be relieved of your weight-bearing arm extensions! ;) I hope you never have cause to need them again.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday!!!!

I can't make any comments about your DH because I forget my DH's birthday all the time :-(

I hope you managed to find heaps of things to buy.

Maricar said...

Happy birthday Friend!