Saturday, September 20, 2008

Greetings, Visitors...

I haven't had a chance to create yet today. And last night I was recuperating from a fall off my bike! Yes, I tried riding my bike last night and it actually was fine-no pain or anything except a little discomfort when I stopped and put the foot down. It was the getting into the driveway that proved difficult. Somehow I managed to bump into the sloped curb instead of riding up the dang thing. I fell to the right and had to use my foot to try to stop my fall. Thankfully the ankle seems to be fine. Whew! But I managed to scrape up my elbow in the process. Always an adventure with me, trying to do everyday things, and getting unexpected results. LOL I have not fallen off my bike since I was a kid, so it was embarrassing to say the least.

The girls have been anxious to go back to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. And just last week there was a news story about a couple of dinosaurs they were putting up near the parking garage. So we decided to go this morning. Here's what we saw:100_4752















100_4761The parking garage goes down 2 levels I think, so he's a pretty tall dude. Obviously, they aren't quite finished with construction yet, but he's pretty darn impressive. I am not sure of the name of the big dinosaur, but I think it starts with a "c" cammeranosaurus...or something like that. The little guy is down toward the lower level on that ledge you can see in the 4th picture.

Upon entering the museum, we discovered we were a week early for the new dinosaur exhibit. Ah well...the girls had fun and Steve and I decided we'd come back in a few weeks to check it out. One of the areas we went to is called Space Odyssey and I couldn't resist taking these two shots of Daddy helping his girls take "pictures" from the space machine. He loves that they are completely interested in space type stuff. Ü

100_4787 That's Jessica in the striped shirt and Amy in the red shirt.








After we got home from the museum, with promises to the girls of going again very soon, and I rested my foot for a little bit. Then I ventured to a local mall to see if I could find some jeans that actually fit. (the jeans I'm currently wearing are just about ready to fall apart) First of all, I am NOT a mall shopper. I feel very out of place in most of them and this particular one, especially. Most of the shoppers live well above our income bracket. I feel frumpy going there. But the store I wanted to try is no longer in the mall I'm more comfortable going to. Anyway, talk about an exercise in humility and futility. I tried a few jeans on, but they were a no-go. I tried a few tops on and actually got tangled up in one as I was trying to put it on. I gave up there and thought I'd try another store nearby. Went in there and literally gasped at the prices of the jeans. Over $100! To some that may not seem like a lot, but for me, it's way too much. I figured I'd depressed myself enough for one day and went home. With those promises to myself to lose some weight so I can fit into jeans at the stores I frequent more often. Sigh.

Shopping for clothes has always been so difficult for me. I'm short, have just about no waist, and am broad shouldered. If I can find something that fits around my waist, it's huge on my hips and thighs. My bust is larger in size and that coupled with my broad shoulders makes buying fitted tops difficult. So I resort to sweatshirts and jeans in the winter and t-shirts and jeans or shorts in the summer. Not the most flattering wardrobe. I don't like feeling discouraged, so I'd rather buy crafting stuff than clothing!

Didn't mean to be a downer. Sorry about that, but our morning was fun! I got some fun photos to scrap, and memories of family time were shared. That's always a good thing!

Thanks for stopping by. If I manage to get something created, I'll be back later. Til then, Happy Saturday!



Carol said...

Ohh Jeanne, the bike fall doesn't sound good. Hope everything is ok.

Those dinosaurs look very cool! Fletcher would love to see something like that.

I am with you on the shopping! I totally dislike any kind of shopping, especially clothes. For different reasons to you, nothing ever fits me, I usually resort going to the kids department lol.

gloria in Utah said...

My biking days are over. I had double knee replacement 4 years ago, and haven't been on a MOVING bike since. (I have my exercise one in my dining room that the cat sits on) Yeah, another story. Anyway, my DH has tried to talk me into a 3 wheeler. I think we may do that since I really need to get outside and exercise. ( of course, summer has come and gone and so this won't happen until next spring) SIGH... Actually, they are really cool. There is one fellow that put a motor on his here in town. Of course, that takes away the exercise part of it. LOL

Can't wait to see your next creation.

gloria in Utah :)

Barb W said...

Jeanne, Jeanne, Jeanne...falling off the bike is definitely NOT a good thing! I know you didn't set out to fall off, but at least you weren't too terribly hurt. Please be careful.

I echo your sentiments on the shopping. I would much rather shop for papers, punches, stamps and stickers than be faced with the disappointment of clothes shopping.

Really cool dino exhibit coming your way! I look forward to seeing more photos of them. Sounds like you had a really nice family outing.

And BTW...I am taking your advice on my pirate's life layout and I will not be re-doing it. ;D

Felicia Fernandez said...

Gosh I miss you! It seems like you had a great Saturday. Don't get discouraged with the shopping, I assume you went to Flatirons. Have you tried Ross or Marshalls? I love Lane Bryant, although they don't have one here. Take care!

Kathi Carlson said...

What a fun family outing! It reminds me of a long ago trip to Fargo to my two little guys to see a dinosaur exhibit. As for a snobbish mall, I can't imagine it. Even the big towns around here only have one. I've had a heck of a time with jeans lately myself - not that they don't fit but I don't like the cuts that are in style at the moment, and I don't want stretch jeans. The only place I can find jeans I like is in a store that caters to teenagers and very young adults. I definitely feel like a fish out of water there!