Monday, September 15, 2008

Boy Am I Beat!

Sorry, no photos to share today. I've been cleaning up around the house like a mad woman most of the day. It's started innocently enough...I needed to do laundry. I changed the sheets on the beds. I cleaned up in my computer corner, since the table that was next to my computer is now my new craft desk, the printer and other equipment are sitting on the floor for the time being. There were tons o' cord from all the plugs that I decided to try to neaten up. The fireplace is right next to my computer desk on the other side, and was full of ashes from a "bonfire" of twigs and such Steve set a few weeks ago. Those got dumped, which meant I had to sweep up. LOL Then I decided to go through the girls' dresser drawers and pull out what hasn't been worn/too small/too worn out while they were at school (oh so much easier to do it this way-not leaving room for oh no, I HAVE to keep that even though it's 3 sizes too small-it's my favorite....fill in the blank). Since I had so much laundry to do, I figured half their clothes were getting washed anyway, it shouldn't/didn't take too long. And so it went all day. Dusting, vacuuming...oh my! I sat down for a few minutes and Steve walked in the door. The first time I sat down all day! LOL I know that most of my work isn't visible, but it sure makes me feel better knowing it's done!

My feet are tired, my legs are tired and my back is tired! I'm tired from top to bottom, back to front, but in a good way. Ü

Hopefully I'll have something new to share soon. Thanks for stopping by!



Kathi Carlson said...

You should have had a box of bon bons beside you when he walked in. I'm glad you had a good day even if it wasn't a fun day. I remember cleaning out the dresser drawers of growing children. It's quite a task. And, no, much of what a homemaker (or is it "domestic engineer?") does is not visible. You've obvioulsy got better resolve than I have. I work for 10 minutes and then stamp for 30. LOL! Take care.

Barb W said...

Wow! You accomplished quite a bit! I hope you're no over doing it!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about your day! How is your foot doing? I know you ditched the crutches and air cast but was wondering how the mending is progresssing. Did Steve do anything to make up for forgetting your Bday. I didn't forget...promise...I just forgot to wish you a happy birthday! I love the cards from the last post. My room is a wreck and I'm trying to get is cleared up a bit to start working again. Giant HUGS!

stampmonkey said...

Good for you!! I know what you mean about just knowing you've done it makes a difference even if no one sees it. (Guess your foot is feeling quite a bit better....) Your day makes me exhausted just reading about it! Are you for hire? lol