Saturday, September 13, 2008

Didn't Take Long...

100_4719To mess up my "new", inside the house, craft corner! As most of you may know I have been using a room in our garage, which is detached from the house. I can honestly say it is a decent sized space. However, it doesn't have a bathroom and if it rains or snows too much, I tend to not go out there. In the winter I have to turn the heaters on awhile before I go in to warm up the space. But while I was a consultant with Close To My Heart, it was my workroom as well as craft space. Now that I am not a consultant, I thought it might be nice to move back into the house. Hubby is okay with it, as long as I don't bring everything back in. Mind you, I have a lot of stuff. At first, I thought he meant I could have a table in our spare bedroom and then bring in what I want to use for a project, then take everything back out to the garage. I wasn't willing to do that. When I brought up only bringing in the "essentials" and leave the not often used things out in the garage he said that is what he meant. So, here's the corner I have set up for the moment. And what I've brought in for the closet.










The shelving was there already, except for the white one on the side. I bought that today. And attached it with zip ties to secure it. The white boxes on the top shelf hold some of my cardstock. I've already decided I don't like this type of storage for paper. In the garage I have wire cubes set up, but I know hubby doesn't like them and doesn't want them back in the house. I may have to start collecting the Cropper Hopper Vertical Storage. I know I can arrange things better, but this is as far as I got today. I did end up going out to the garage several times for some thing or other I needed when I decided to work on a couple of cards, which bugged me.

I'm not convinced that this set up is going to work. Hubby takes a nap on the days he doesn't work, and our bedroom is right next to this bedroom. The girls were excited to be in the room with me and I had to keep shushing them. Then I didn't want to use too many tools in case they were too noisy.  I was very conscious of any noise I was making and that was frustrating. Although, when I asked him after he got up, he said he wasn't bothered by noise (he's a very light sleeper and can get grumpy if it's too loud) until the doorbell rang about the time he would get up.

It was nice being close to the bathroom and/or kitchen when needed, but I'm not sure if the trade-off is worth it. I'll try it for a little while and see how it goes, I guess.

If you've gotten this far, here's one of the cards I made today. The other one I made has Stickles on it and I'm waiting for it to dry before finishing up the card, so I'll share that one tomorrow. This card is my version of one that Nichole Heady shared on her blog, Capture the Moment, several months ago, although I used Artful Elegance and Thoughtful Florals from Verve Visual. I was going to use Garden Green, but realized I didn't bring in that cardstock and didn't want to go out to the garage yet again, so I decided to try the design with Kiwi (CTMH) and I think it looks fine. I stamped the sentiment with Versamark and heat embossed white. Added the bling and called it good.


Thanks for reading if you got to this point. Let me know if you have any inexpensive storage ideas. I'd love to see/hear about them. I did look at some of the scraprooms on the Two Peas website and will probably keep checking it.



Kathi Carlson said...

It looks like you're off to a great start, AND your card is very pretty. Good for you! The reorganization bug is catchy, too. I had the tape measure and graph paper out this evening. We'll see ... I'll look forward to seeing your second card tomorrow!

Gloria in Utah said...

I too have had issues with napping DH's, but we solved that problem. I got him a set of earplugs!! Works like a charm. I'm always getting up in the middle of the night, or getting up earlier than he does, so the earplugs really come in handy. They are comfortable, and reusable. ( I do clean them with bleach once in awhile) As far as storage..HUM..I think you will find it will be a work in progress. I have reorganized my space a dozen times, and finally I came up with a solution. Not sure how much space you have to work with, but I had an old dresser that I put next to my desk. I put alot of stuff in the drawers, and when I work on something, the drawers open up and all my stuff is there..HANDY!! I see you already have a table, but I just have a card table that I set up when I'm crafting or scrapbooking, and then I clean it off and take it down when I'm done. That way I am forced to clean it up, and the space I need for other things opens up when I put the table away. Hope this helps a little. GOOD LUCK!!

gloria in Utah :)

Barb W said...

Looking good,Jeanne! I know you're glad to be able to create at will now, not having to go across the lawn and all, it will all come together for you. Being in 'room transition, myself,I have resorted to using my Longaberger baskets for storing items. I even use them for storing cardstock and ribbon bits.I also got some of those inexpensive plastic stackable thingys from Walmart-I am NOT a plastic type person-but they work real well for my punches and spools of ribbon. I also use plastic stackable drawers and towers for paper and stamps. I can't wait for my room re-do, but what I am using now is working for me.
And I love your card,very classy! The colors are just perfect! TFS

Jackie said...

have you looked into Ikea? or do you have one close to you? they have great shelves that are excellent for storing as well as looking nice..that is why i like digi so mess :) have enough of that everywhere else :)