Friday, January 29, 2010

The Floor is Passable Now!

I took a quick trip to Goodwill just a bit ago with 5 trash bags full of stuff and a box full of books I no longer want (novels, not crafty), oh and a rolling cart. I then stopped by the school and dropped off the load of pattern paper to the before and after school program. I was told by two sweet ladies in the office that they would make good use of it and with budgets being the way they are, they could use any donation. I have about 5 large bags of trash as well. But I can walk in my room now! Yay!

And I cleared out the area by my rolling chair.
Ahhhhhhh, blissful walking room.
And I cleared off my worktable...yay!

This is the stuff I still have to decide what to do with. Do I want to have some sort of sale? I dunno. I just boxed it up so I wouldn't trip over it anymore. *Ü*

Remember that jar of cut up sponges I showed you yesterday? Well, I thought I'd take a picture of how I store the ones in use.
Here are two craft boxes (can hold DMC floss, or beads) One is open and the other is closed.
I have all the CTMH stamp pad colors that were available at the time I was a consultant. They've since added some new ones (that I don't own) and most likely retired some of the colors I have.
I cut the round sponge into quarters and fit them in the craft box. I then used my label maker to add the color names to the top of the box.
I labeled the sides of the boxes too, so I could pull out the one that has the color I want to use.
This is one storage idea that I really am glad I took the time to do.
One more happy surprise (sometimes it is good to be a packrat) I have this somewhat smaller size notebook that I was going to use for contact information when I was a consultant. At least I think that is what I was going to use it for. Well, it's not needed for that function and I almost pitched to a Goodwill bag, but held off for a bit. This morning, it suddenly popped into my head that it might be the right size for those Cricut cartridges that don't come in a box. Well, not the actual little cartridge, but the key pad and cover. I was thrilled to see that I could slip the items into the sleeve and they fit great. I'm almost tempted to put all my keypads in there, but am not quite sure yet, if I really want to. It might be easier for me to get to the stuff I wanted if I did. If you have a Cricut and lots of cartridges, do you store them in the original boxes or what?

And for now, I am done. I went through the dresser and pulled out stuff I no longer wanted (mostly it was trash, sigh). I still have my stamp sets to go through, but at this point right now, I'm so done with the project I don't have the heart to go through them. I'd likely get rid of them all just because I am tired (and would totally regret it later). LOL So, I'm going to take a break from this before I completely burn myself out and avoid the room because I'm so tired of it! LOL

Now, I must close. I just heard the plaintive voice of Jessica, who came home sick from school a little while ago, asking me to sit with her. She doesn't have a fever, but she feels sick to her stomach. So, I'm going to  help her feel a little better by snuggling with her.


Sharli said...

You are Definitely making progress!!!! I'm loving your space! I love the way you organized the sponges! You will probably faint (are you sitting down??) But I wash them in-between use and don't bother with which color was last time. So I only have "clean" and "dirty" piles! LOL

You are also a good Mommy. Good Mommys cuddle sick babies.


Sarah said...

WOW now look at that! You did an awesome job. What a great idea to label you sponges..I just clean them..yours is much easier. So sorry Jessica is feeling poorly...Amy had it over the weekend..throwing up. I have been feeling none to well today either sigh.

Erica said...

wow...looking good!! i like your sponge storage idea!

Kathi Carlson said...

Oh, wow! The floor, your work table, and everything else is looking good!! Is it time to mess it up a little (temporarily, that is) by creating something?

Love your sponge storage idea. Mine are stuffed in a drawer. Kinda like most of my stuff, which is stuffed somewhere. LOL.

You've done good, friend! I hope you find a way to reward yourself this weekend. I hope Jessica is feeling better today, too!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, you have been so busy organizing your craft room and it looks FANTASTIC! I love how you organized your sponges. I have one of those boxes and will have to try that. TFS!

I bet the school loved your donation.

stampmonkey said...

Wow, Jeanne! You made HUGE progress since your last post! You could actually create in there if you wanted to. ;) I'm glad you can now walk in there so there's no more risk of your losing your balance and getting injured.

And I admire really your willingness to part with such a tremendous amount of 'surplus' and have no doubt that those who are on the receiving end will LOVE it all! BUT I sure hope you don't get rid of all your stamps, though...I mean, that would be {good} reason to have your head examined. lol Organizing is one thing, but getting rid of stamps...well, me thinks that's going just a leetle too far. ;P

I hope that Jessica's feeling better and that whatever was making her tummy hurt hasn't taken up residence in your home.

Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Felicia Fernandez said...

So inspiring! I've really enjoyed seeing the progress you've made out there. I have started to sort out my paper, which I have more than I thought, and will slowly start making my way around my room too. Hope Jess feels better soon!

Alanna said...

Things are looking good. Getting rid of 5 big trash bags of stuff has got to free up some room. I'm glad you could donate a lot of the paper to the schools. I'm sure they are thrilled to get it.

Great idea for your Solutions cricut cartridges. Right now, I have all of mine in their original boxes but I'm thinking about getting some of the cases that hold about 8 overlays and cartridges. Although, then I'm not sure what I would do with the boxes. I don't think I would want to get rid of them but they do take up a lot of room. Hmmm.

I hope Jessica is doing better. It's so hard when your kids are sick. Enjoy the rest of the Saturday.