Monday, January 18, 2010

Gloria (In Utah) *Ü*~Check Out Her Progress!

I got the okey dokey from Gloria (in Utah) *Ü* to share the pictures she emailed me. If you are wondering why I write her name that way, it’s because that’s how she always signs her emails and comments. I think it’s cute and I smile every time I see it.

I will copy and paste the information she emailed me.

You have inspired me!!  I don't comment often, but I sure do read your posts every day. Since I'm stuck inside just like you are at the moment, I thought I would take advantage of it. SO here goes... before and after pics... (smile)


I took the door off of my closet to give me more organizing room, but it was still not enough. SO..I used the living room as my staging area. I took EVERYTHING out, and started over.


I have the wire shelves, as you do, but as you can see, the connectors are completely different. SO..I have a question. I have 2 extra shelves, but no way to put them in because I don't know how. Did you use some special clips that I can't see in your pictures??  Please advise... (Jeanne here: I showed her the cable ties I use, will include photos at the end of the post)

This is my work table...


It seems to always look like this..different stuff, same mess. UGH!!  Only because I didn't have anywhere to PUT the stuff....WELL..... after a few days of concentrated effort  ( and the blessing of having an empty nest which is why I'm so amazed at what you get done!!!) ....

You can actually GET to the closet now.

I found a cool dresser in our storage and decided to use it. The top drawer is for packing material..envelopes and such that I had all over the place in the closet....the second drawer is for a collection I have, and the third is craft stuff that doesn't have a place.


didn't take a before picture of the dresser I have because I was too embarrassed...however, here is the after pic...


The drawer is always open because it has things that I use the most. I'm blessed with a room that is 10x12, so it's a perfect place to scrap...AND it's a perfect place for things to get stored...which was most of the problem ...I had a PATH to my computer..literally!!  NO MORE!!




My wire racks were a mess until now... oh, and the small mail trays on the top??  They are cat beds!!  We have 7 cats, and with a bush outside my window, I was fighting with them for space and not having them knock things I compromised and put beds up there so they could watch the birds. ( actually, THEY WON!! because now there are THREE beds up there...LOL)

Anyway, I thought I would share what you have started in our little abode. Next, is the kitchen... YEAH... RIGHT!! We will see.

Thanks again for brightening my day every day.

hugs..gloria in Utah :)  <-------That’s how Gloria always signs off…*Ü*

Thanks for letting me share these Gloria. I’m so glad that you were inspired and your progress is terrific. It’s a buttload of work to do, but the results are definitely worth it!

Here’s a blurry close up of how I attach my shelves together…because I was a complete idiot when I bought the wire shelves and I threw the connectors away! Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame….

100_7460 100_7461 100_7462

The pictures are wonky because I took them last night…ie, when it was dark out. And just to keep it real, that cable tie’s “tooth” broke when I inserted the end into the slot. Arggghhhhh….LOL You can find these cable ties in any hardware store, Walmart, Big Lots and even the Dollar Tree.

Thanks again, sweetie, for letting me share your awesome progress! Keep up the GREAT work!



Sarah said...

Gloria ROCKED her space!!!! My fav thing...the cat beds :0)

Sharli said...

Yeah for Gloria!!! Awesome upgrade, I bet she'll have a huge burst of creative energy now! I know I would be inspired in such an organized space. The other benefit is that you actually know what you have (again) after cleaning! Glad you shared, Jeanne!

stampmonkey said...

I'm so impressed! Good for you, Gloria!! That was quite a big job, and it looks so organized and neat now. If I had a craft room, I'd definitely be inspired to clean it up. ;) Thanks for sharing, Jeanne and Gloria!

Kim Burmeister said...

This is awesome! I am so impressed with both of you. TFS!

Kathi Carlson said...

I looked at this post yesterday on iGoogle (something I can "get by with" at work) and then forgot to comment when I got home last night. Hats off to Gloria for getting her craft room in shape and letting you share her photos with the rest of us. I'm not surprised that you inspired her. You're an inspiration to a lot of us!

gloria in Utah :) said...

Thanks for the kudos..and I'm glad it's making gals think about doing their own spaces. It's ALOT of work, but once you get going and you know what you want to do, it just seems to get done. I guess I was so disgusted with it, that reading your progress really was what got me going. That and 2 feet of snow that I can't play in. (sigh) bad knees. Anyway..anyone else willing to step up to the plate?? Pics to share??

gloria in Utah :)