Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jessica & Thrift Store Finds...

First off, I want to thank you for your well wishes for Jessica. After a couple of hours on Friday she perked up a bit. She didn't eat too much at supper, but her attitude was good.  She had no fever. Went to bed fine and slept all night.

A little backstory for you: She's had a loose tooth for the better part of the week (her first) and she was quite excited about it. Apparently at lunch on Friday, it came out, but she didn't realize it. She thinks it went into the trash with the remains of her lunch. It upset her quite a bit as she thought the tooth fairy wouldn't come (awwwwww). So, I wondered if she worked herself up into such a tizzy that she gave herself an upset tummy. She didn't look good when I picked her up, but given she never did get sick, it made me wonder.

I told her that I thought something like this happens to a lot of kiddos and maybe if she wrote a note to the tooth fairy, she would understand. So she did (it was the sweetest little note). And the tooth fairy DID understand and left her a dollar! Whoo hooo! The smile on her face yesterday morning was precious!

All day yesterday she was fine, ate well, didn't complain about feeling bad, so I thought we were in the clear. We even had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and she was a little chatterbox. However, at about 3am this morning she woke me up crying that her tummy hurt. I laid in bed with her for awhile, then she told me she was going to be sick. Thank goodness the trashcan was right by the bed! She's been up since then (and so have I) but after that incident she has felt a lot better. No fever, either. And she told me she was hungry. She's had a bowl of oatmeal and is currently playing Pollys with Amy as I type this. Kind of strange. Maybe something was upsetting her tummy and she finally got it out.

So, here's the little cutie with her first gap! Excuse the very dirty face. Someone didn't wash it off last night before going to bed. LOL

The adult tooth is already coming in. I'm so glad the baby tooth got out of the way! Now she thinks the tooth next to the gap is loose. Oh and she told me to put the first picture up because it has Polly and her ship in it. LOL These were taken just a few minutes ago. I think she's looking fine, don't you? *Ü*

My new Saturday morning routine is to hit up the Arc thrift stores as they have their 50% off sale on most items then. I have three I can visit that are pretty close. (lucky, I know) Actually Steve just told me about another one he's been to that I've not visited. I didn't make it yesterday, but most likely will soon!

I was specifically looking for items to decorate for Valentine's Day. While I didn't really find too much, I did get this:

For a dollar! The hearts are metal and they sound so pretty. It was a bit of a challenge untangling it after I got home and I noticed one of the white hearts is missing, but I don't think it's a big deal at all. This is hanging on our porch. I found a placemat too, but I will show that later, after I head to Joann's to pick up some things I've seen there that I like. They are going to be 50% off starting today. (yay)

I found these, too:

Grand total for both? $3 and change! Whoo hooo! I'm thinking of putting some knitting needles in the more open one. Not sure about the other one yet, but it sure appealed to me.

And the BEST score of the day????

Is this quilt I found!!! It's pretty big and hard to get it all in the shot. I was just wandering by and the colors caught my eye. Then I saw the butterflies and it was all over.

Even though it wasn't on sale, I knew I had to buy it, because something THIS cute wouldn't last another week for when it was on sale. So I snatched it up. How much do you think I paid for this? 




How about...$5.99!!!! That's five dollars and ninety nine cents! For a handmade quilt!
Picture me doing the happy dance!

I got it for Jessica's bed and she LOVES it! She even said she loves it more than "blankie" her constant companion since she was a baby. She snuggled up in it all afternoon (after we washed it, of course) and couldn't wait to put it on her bed last night. And when she wasn't feeling well this morning and we went out to the couch, guess what came with us? LOL

Definitely worth a whopping $5.99!

So, I never did make it out to my craft room yesterday. And I'm not sure I will get out there today. One of the things I managed to do is finally go through my starred items in Reader (how I mark cards/projects/ideas that appeal to me for future reference) and un-star items from ohhhhhh  2 years ago! Yikes! There were over a thousand items! Yeah, no way I'll be getting to use those in my lifetime, so I got back to the first one (in December of 2007) and just unstarred all of 2008 without looking. Then I went through all of 2009 and kept some and unstarred most. I did get all inspired to create after seeing some of the projects, but like I said, I'm not sure if I'll make it out to the craft room today. I might just go back through and print out the ones I know I want to try, which is what I have to do since I don't have a computer in the craft room and it's highly unlikely I will ever have one out there. Then I can start from scratch and keep up better with doing the things that appeal to me. (one can hope, right?)

Have a good one! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments!



Laurel said...

Some good finds for you. I took Danica to the Thrift and Free store yesterday, she had some fun!

Kathi Carlson said...

I'm so glad Jessica is feeling better today. She's so cute!! Love the photos. Glad, too, the tooth fairy was so understanding.

The quilt at $5.99 was an unbelievable find,and I'm sure, were she to know, the maker would take great delight in the fact that it is so appreciated again. The heart wind chimes are cool, too - for a buck!!

Have a great day, sweet friend!!

Sparkle said...

Glad Jessica is feeling better! She's too cute in her picture. I love your wind chime, just darling!

Felicia Fernandez said...

I can't believe that Jess is movin' on from blankie! But the quilt is great. I wonder if she did work herself up over her tooth and then just ate something at Sweet Tomatoes that didn't sit well. At least she's better and had a good first Tooth Fairy experience!

Barbara said...

Sooo glad that Jess is feeling better! The close-up pic of her face is just precious. Those sweet cheeks.What a find you got at the thrift store! I just love it when I find a buy like that one. Hope you have a great week and that Jess stays well.

Sarah said...

Dan lost a tooth at Walmart once...Amy knocked it out with a LANE CLOSED sign ha shot under a checkout lane never to be seen again...blood everywhere!!! Those are the days!
Dan also spent Sat on the couch throwing up so there is definitely something going around.
LOVE your photos and your thrift finds!!

Angela2932 said...

What a great thrift store find! And the tooth-gap smile is so cute! Glad she's feeling better! I'll let you in on a little secret. . . some where along the way with my three kiddos, I discovered the value of having a "spare tooth" on hand, one that somehow the tooth fairy left behind that we could . . . ummmmmm. . . use in a pinch as needed. There were times when it came in handy, although we were careful not to let anyone inspect it too closely. . . because they had ways of recognizing the little individuals. . . . .And it's always possible that the lunch lady could have called you with a "find." . . .

Anke said...

Oh my gosh, that price for the quilt is incredible! What a find!! That's my kind of shopping. Sounds like you had a ball with this! :) Love the cute gap :)

Carolyn Christie said...

Too cute, I'm glad Jessica is feeling better! I hate when the kids are sick.
Great find at the TS. Pretty quilt!
My hubby was just at the TS on Saturday L@@king for stuff. :)

Alanna said...

She's so cute. Love the toothless grin.

Awesome deals at the ARC. Love the quilt.

stampmonkey said...

I'm glad that Jessica wasn't sick after all, and I think you may be onto something with the 'lost tooth' theory. Isn't it nice that the Tooth Fairy is so understanding...and generous?! ;) Her smile says it all.

I love most anything hearts, so your Valentine wind chimes are something I'd look twice at too. Great score, even with a missing white heart (I doubt anyone would really notice). Your white vases are really pretty too, no matter what you end up doing with them. And that quilt!! What a bargain! It's just lovely, especially with the different colors of pastel butterflies! Very sweet of you to give it to Jessica. What a wonderful mom you are...and a great bargain hunter too! tfs

Kim Burmeister said...

Jessica looks so cute with her first gap. The first tooth seems to take the longest and then it is downhill from there...hee hee!

Wow! Great finds and buys! Love the quilt. Why would anyone part with a blanket, especially a quilt. Well, I guess it is good they did. Congrats on your good deals!