Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Overwhelming!

I'm sure by now you are sick to death of me talking about my purging, and you can just move along to your next blog if you like, because I'm gonna talk about it again. And show you the very sad state of my room at the moment. I didn't have as much time to work today as it is Wednesday, which is my volunteer day and early release day at school.

This is what it looks like as you stand at the door to go in right now (I just stood there and took this picture). I know. Oh. My. Gosh! Please remember I've been collecting scrapbooking since about 1994. And some of the stuff in here is THAT old. (hanging head in shame, but also keeping it real!)

On a happy note, I did empty the shelf unit that was on this dresser enough to REMOVE it from the space! I don't know if those black wire shelves are going to stay or not. The basket is a thrift store find.

I cleared this area off, too. I'm debating on whether to put shelves or a makeshift hanging grid thing to mimic a pegboard with some extra grid shelving I have. I still have to figure out the best way to hang said make-shift grid pegboard thingiemabob. I'll share if I get what I'm thinking to work. But for now...blessed empty space!

Today's job was to go through my magazines/books. I bought the majority of these while I was working and had the money to spend. I'd hung on to them for years and always felt kind of bad that I didn't USE them. So I purged and this is what's left. I still need to consolidate and relabel the holders. Still, seeing some empty spaces feels darn good. Too bad I'm tripping over the piles on the floor now. LOL

My sad, sad, sad worktable! You don't know how bad I want to sit down and create something. Which always happens when I am busy doing something else.

Took a picture of my butterfly hook with a pail on it. Oh and look above it on the shelf....more empty space! Whoo hooo! Dang, you can't hardly see it. If you look down below the pail on the table you can barely see my newest find...I saw it on that crafty storage blog, the one where the gal uses her garage. Anyway, she puts her Cuttlebug plates on a napkin holder! Omg...I about slapped myself with the duh moment I had. Why didn't I think of that? Because, very simply, my brain does not work that way. I went to the thrift store and found a nice wooden one for a couple of bucks. I could have waited until it went on sale, but sometimes, I just gotta satisfy the I want it NOW impulse. This was one of those times.

A couple of years ago, when I was dropping of some donations to the Goodwill donation truck, some guys were there unloading stuff as well. They GAVE me a box full of mason jars. I've used some and tucked some away. Today I pulled them out to consolidate my flowers. Holy you think I have enough flippin' flowers?? In my defense, a bunch were gifts from Archiver's. Some were from CTMH when I was a consultant and the other stuff was purchased at 40% off. Daggummit, I don't need to get another flower as long as I live! LOL I DO need to use them more!

And more mason jars that are holding the CTMH chipboard shapes from the other day. My hope is that by SEEING it, I'll remember to USE it!

So even though it looks like a wreck in the room, I AM making progress (right?)



Sparkle said...

I have 2 little plastic drawers full of chipboard, lol! I too need to use up more of my stuff. Nice progress though!

Barb said...

I so admire you for sharing this. My Studio is an absolute nightmare right now and I would be too ashamed to show it. The really sad thing is that I still create in there, while it's a mess...I simply push stuff onto the floor, with a 'I'll deal with that in a bit' attitude. You are inspiring me to purge, though and THAT is a very good thing. Keep up the good work, my friend...there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Kathi Carlson said...

Overwhelming is why some of us don't even go there. LOL. ALTHOUGH, I can't imagine that my corner would be much worse than my closet, and I tackled THAT mess.

I'm happy to say you have more stuff than I do. In your defense, you've been at it a couple more years than I have AND you live near stores.

Lucky you, though. You've got thrift stores, too - great places to find the storage pieces.

You are making headway, my friend, and I love watching you do it. You're an inspiration ... in so many ways!!

Sharli said...

RIGHT! You ARE making progress!!! I love the canning jars - they're perfect with their wide mouths and they are homey! Cozy.

I had to do this when I replaced the floor in my craft room - it was like MOVING!?! (well, I replaced the floor in half of the house!) I did a LOT of purging and organizing and I've kept it up "so-so". It does help in the creativity aspect to have a clean surface to go to. LOL

Sarah said...

I am in love with your mason jars!! and those butterfly hooks!
Keep going Jeanne..It looks great.
You always say the nicest things to me never fail to make my day.

scrappin' happy said...

I guess I'm what's called a lurker, I always mean to comment but just don't, I've "known" you since CTMH days and just have to say congrats on purging and making this space more functional, can't wait to see the finished product. Also I admire all of the crocheting items you do, it reminds me of my mom and the projects she did for us when we were little. Your girls are lucky :)

Carolyn Christie said...

You're tackling it and that's a Good Thing! I just put all my older ctmh B & T papers in one spot.
I love that you're keeping it real!
About your craft table?...Set a timer and do a little bit each day.
Have fun my friend!!

Alanna said...

I've loved seeing your progress in your craft garage. :) Things are definitely moving along. I love all the flowers in the mason jars. Having stuff out and accessible definitely makes it easier to use the stuff.

Enjoy your Thursday.

gloria in Utah :) said...

Well, now you know how I felt... Removing it from the space helped, but I'm not sure you can do that. Because it was in another area, I could look at my room objectively and put things away without having to step on things. I didn't purge much only because I figure it might come in handy one day. I remember cleaning my room a few years ago, and sure enough, the stuff I threw out, I needed later on. (sigh) Now I just put that stuff in a special box in my storage, and if I need it again, it's available. No regrets. I also let my daughter use some of my cast off things because she is more creative than I am, and she always finds ways to use it. I guess my advice is to keep it in the family. As much as you create probably will use all of those flowers before you know it. Can't do the mason jar thing in this house. Too many climbing animals that break things. (smile) That's why I have so many PLASTIC containers. Good are getting there, and don't feel bad about not getting it all done at once, because like takes TIME!!

gloria in Utah :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeanne, I love your ideas, and went and put my flowers in a small pint jar, and other embellishments in pint jars too.
Thanks for your creative ideas, it helps to see you can still have a great space but help your family by using some things you have already. Thanks.
Kelly T.

stampmonkey said...

Wow, Jeanne...I can totally see where you might be a little overwhelmed. But you're making progress! I like how you're tackling little bits at a time, and before ya know it, it'll all be just how you envision it...organized and inspiring! I love your Mason jars --those can be used for sooo many things, and they always just look so cute to me! Hang in there, girlfriend --it's lookin' good!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hey Soul sistah! Congrats on all the work. It's hard digging out of our creative piles, but oh so worth it! :o)