Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretties for Me!

I was going to head out to my craft room this morning to get back to the purge, but as I was eating breakfast, I got a call from our dental hygienist’s office saying they had a last minute cancellation and could I come in this morning for my cleaning? I said, “Sure!” (especially since I got the email reminder over a week ago and had only just responded early this morning) Let’s git ‘r done!

This office is fantastic, let me tell you. The hygienist we see is super friendly and gentle and she’s a crafter, so we spend the time chit chatting about crafting. She’s complimentary of my projects, which is always a mood booster. *Ü* Today, though, I got some pampering as well as the cleaning. They had one of those paraffin wax deals warmed up and asked if I wanted to pamper my hands. Heck yeah! I get terrible, cracked (they bleed, too) hands in the winter, because I simply forget to lotion up 800 times a day. So, while my teeth were getting cleaned, my hands were getting soft. Awesome! They are always doing something sweet like that. Last time I was there, they gave me a huge homemade pretzel! It was yummy!

Anyway, I didn’t need to tell you that part, but it leads me to my new pretty. The office is near a *gasp* mall, that I rarely go into because it’s a lot more upscale than I am and most times I just can’t afford the pretties they sell. But, I had a gift card to Macy’s in my newly pampered hands and I was willing to use it. (Remember when I took Steve’s friend to the doctor after her knee replacement? Well, she expressed her thanks by giving me the gift certificate….totally not necessary, but appreciated. Anyway, since I was close by, I thought I’d do a teensy bit of shopping. And I came away with this:


Isn’t it purty? I’m tickled to no end. You see, I’ve not worn a watch in years. My girls would mess with it when they were little and invariably it got broken or whatever, so I just stopped wearing one. But now that they are beyond that stage…well beyond, in fact…I decided to get myself a purty watch! I also picked up a pair of clip on earrings thinking they’d be easier to wear than the pierced ones, which have been bothering my ears, but they have to go back. I didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before I had to pull them off because they hurt, too. I’ll look for something else soon, Jane. Thanks so much!

And my other pretties? They are from my good friend, Erin G. She’s the one who inspired me to try bead crochet with her crocheted creations. And she blessed me with a gorgeous bracelet for Christmas! Looky here:


Thanks, Sweetie!

She also sent me this fabulous cookie cutter….gee, I wonder why this made her think of me?? LOL I am feeling the need to make some cookies! *Ü*


So, I think you can understand how I never did make it to the craft room today. A day with some pampering sure beats getting down and dirty purging.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!



Kim Burmeister said...

Okay! First, I want to go to your dentist. I like mine, but I don't get those type of goodies at my dentist office. I get toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Don't ever leave that one.

Wow! Your new watch is pretty! You deserve it. Awesome shopping!

Your bracelet is cool and your new cookie cutter...yummy! Butterfly cookies not only would taste good, but they would be so pretty.

Alanna said...

Wow, whoever heard of getting pampered while at the dentist? How fun. And your watch is gorgeous. What a fun day.

Sparkle said...

I love your watch and such a lovely bracelet!

Laurel said...

Wow, what a dentist! such a pretty watch and bracelet!

mE said...

*grin* I'm glad you like them. We were at a butterfly house in Massachusetts and it reminded me of you... lol! Glad the bracelet fits, too! YAY!

Lucky you getting pampered at the dentist! WOOT! I've always wanted to try those wax bath thingies!



Barbara said...

How cool was this day! I've had a great dentist for over 20 years and I've never been treated that good. It's good to have a special day every once in awhile, I'm glad you got one.

Sarah said...

Go to the dentist and get your hands treated???? LOL I want to go to that dentist....Your watch is cute and that bracelet is AWESOME!!! the cookie cutter is perfect for you too...can't wait to see butterfly cookies.

Barb said...

What a great post, Jeanne! I love all your pretties and I want to see what your butterfly cookies look like...lots of decorating possibilities there!

Carolyn Christie said...

WOW I like your dentist! :) I too get a new tooth brush & floss... But I was just thinking, Could you imagine getting a pedi while having your teeth cleaned?

Pretty watch!