Monday, January 25, 2010

It was a QUIET Weekend...yay!

I'm hopeful that the people behind us finally got the hint that letting their dogs bark is not a good thing. It appears they kept them inside over the weekend and while they've been out a bit today (and yes, barking) it's not been for prolonged periods of time. Yay!

Over the weekend we finally found a second hand dresser for Amy...another yay! It's a bit bigger than the one she was using and all her clothes fit, with room to spare. *Ü* She's happy with it and the fish in the tank are happy to be settled again. They don't NOT like being moved. LOL Speaking of the girls, I also managed to find the source of the beeping/alarm noise I've been hearing every night at about midnight. I thought I found the source last week, but I was woken up again the other night, so when we moved the dresser in, I told the girls they HAD to find the culprit. They looked only half heartedly (of course, because they slept right through it), and I managed to find it in a couple of minutes. For Christmas, Amy got a set of text messenger toys. One can text back and forth between them. Anyway, somehow the alarm got turned on one of them. I found the one where the alarm hadn't been turned on I guess. To ensure it wouldn't beep again, I took the batteries out. Whew! No wakey, wakey at midnight last night. Ahhhhhh....

Yesterday, while watching the playoff games, I worked on a beaded crochet bracelet I wanted to make for my friend's mom (who is "gram" to my girls). Her birthday is later this week. I was going to do a pattern with the beads at first, but decided to go totally random (gasp) because I liked how the beads looked all jumbled up in the bag they came it.

I got it sent off today and hope it arrives in time.

Thought I'd show it off for perspective. I used beads from Hobby Lobby and they are size 6. The robe is kind of stiff when I'm done, so I have to make it a bit larger than I'd like to get it to meet at the end for sewing it together. I was pleased to have been able to get it done in a day. Amy asks every day if I've worked on her giraffe. She was patient yesterday knowing I was making the bracelet for Gram. She even made up a birthday card for her while I was working on the bracelet.

I took Buster to be groomed the other day. Dang, I'm always amazed at how much smaller he looks when the bush is gone. Even the groom commented, "Who'd have known there was such a cute dog under all that hair!" LOL

Just love that face!

And I got a sweet, sweet surprise in the mail today....a card from Sparkle!!! I love it Sparks, and so do the girls! Thanks so much for thinking of me! If you've not been to Sparkle's blog, you are in for a real treat when you go. She is a MASTER with the Copics and color combinations. Her cards are just fabulous!
I made it out to the craft room today and worked some more on "the purge." I have some empty spaces now! Still not done, but making progress. My piles to leave the space are getting bigger. Oh my! But it feels good to finally make a decision on some of this stuff. Speaking of craft rooms, if you don't subscribe or visit Tresa's Fabulously Artsy blog...head on over, she posted a video tour of her studio today! It's terrific and inspiring!

Okay, I need to finish up dinner, so will close. Hope you've had a great day and terrific start to your week.


Shantaie said...

Hi Jeanne, I first want to comment on that fab bracelette you made for "grams" WOW !! I haen't plunged into beading yet....yet being the key word here. :)
I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, and awnser your questions. my garage is attached, we partitioned off half for storage and the other for my room. I live in Florida so it gets blazing HOT during the summer, we had a vent put in for air, and heat. My space like yours is ever evolving, I do love to "collect" all things crafty...hmmm maybe I will try beads next :)

Sarah said...

The bracelet rocks Jeanne!!! and I LOVE Sparkles card.
Your dog is too darned cute!!! You must love him to death. So glad th noise is somewhat improved too!
You always leave me such wonderful comments brighten my day and make me feel like a million bucks!!!
Thanks Jeanne!

Sharli said...

What a beautiful bracelet!!! LOVE the colors - and the beads are so pretty! I'm glad you found the source of the beeping! I had sometime that beeped for years! I banished it to the deepest recesses of the garage and one day when I was puttering around out there, it went off - still sounding the alarm faithfully at noon. Every day. I guess I could have removed the batteries. I wish I could think logically like you do! LOL

Sparkle's card is so pretty - I'm glad you shared it here!


Kathi Carlson said...

You're at it again. Another beautiful bracelet!!

Sparkles card is awesome, of course, and you hit the nail on the head in describing her Copic abilities. Did I tell you I made "a list" of Copics? All the colors I think I "need." Practical old granny that I am though, I think the list will remain just that - a list. LOL.

And you made some headway in your space. Good for you!!

Finally, Buster! Yup, that is one adorable little face.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Sparkle said...

Your bracelet is lovely and I'm glad you got the card okay!

Barbara said...

The bracelet really is awesome Jeanne. I'm so glad you were able to finally get some rest. Have a great week.

stampmonkey said...

The bracelet you made for Gram is beautiful --wonderful colors and I like how the beads catch the light. I'm sure she'll be touched that you made such 'a pretty' for her. Very sweet of Amy to make a card for her too.

Buster is really cute; reminds me somewhat of our pooch we had growing up, though she was black. ;) With this weather lately, I'll bet Buster's looking for the heater about now though! lol

Sparkle's card is really cute too. Looks like you're having a great week --a beautiful card from a friend, no toys waking you at midnight, and no barking dogs throughout the night! Hope it continues!!! ;)

Oh, and your handmade birthday card arrived and is even more beautiful in person! Thanks again, Jeanne!! You're one very {multi-} talented lady!

big hugs!