Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Progress!

Can I just say, I wish I was D O N E with this? LOL Unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet, but I got a couple more things done today. Thank you SO much for the wonderful and encouraging comments you are leaving. They are helping me tremendously in staying motivated to see this massive project through. Although, if I don't start getting some of the stuff I don't want OUT, I might just hurt myself. I have little paths I can take, but I'm stepping over this and that and a couple of times I've almost lost my balance. That would not be a good thing! I have a feeling no one would be able to find me. LOL

First up is an idea I saw this morning thanks to Laurel. I'd asked her if she'd ever shared her space and she sent me the link to her photobucket page with pictures. They looked familiar to me, then I realized I'd seen the pictures before and had even left a comment. Yikes! My memory is horrible sometimes. And I'm a complete and total dork. I freely admit that!

Anyway, I really liked the picture where she has her embellishments from CTMH on a magnet board. And it got my brain to working overdrive. I had to pick up a couple of things from Walmart and checked out their cookie sheets, thinking I could use those. Then I had the most awesome D'oh moment! The door that leads out of the craft room is metal and magnets will stick to it!! The girls have hung their various pictures and markings up for a long time. I just took them all down the other day. So, first you see what I used for magnets...I bought two packages, just in case. I cut strips about 1/2 inch or so. And adhered them onto the backs of the My Accents jars I had.

Let me tell you, I had thoughts of sticking up all the little plastic holders I have in my cropper hopper cases, but I stopped myself. Having it all out means that hubby everyone can see just how much stuff I've accumulated over the years. And I really don't need to be reminded that I have too much stuff. I already know this! LOL

I worked on this unit, too. I really liked Tresa Black's idea of using PVC pipe for her reinkers, but that would mean I'd have to buy, cut and  glue the pieces together. I had these pink trays from the Dollar Tree in a stack and loaded up all my reinkers onto one tray and adjusted the shelves (meaning I took off the shelves that were one inch apart all the way down to the floor) to fit the trays. Some are still empty, but that's okay. I had some empty plastic bins too, and put my felt into one and the fabric I've collected into the other.

I found a bunch of circular sponges in my purging and decided to cut them up and put them in this jar I used to use for candy. I have plenty to use for all my ink colors. I keep the ones I'm currently using in craft boxes (like for DMC floss) labeled with each color. These are ready for use when one wears out. Yay!

I moved some of my papers into white bins. They fit the Basic Grey pads perfectly. The purple box is holding 8x8 pads and the white cardboard box is one I received in the mail from Erin G. It fits those DCWV packs perfectly! I was thrilled I hadn't thrown that box away! I just cut off the lid. I didn't take any measurements of the box, but all but two of my pads fit in one box. Yay!

Last, but not least is another idea I saw around the blogosphere, but I neglected to note where I found it. If I come across the post again, I'll add a link. Anyway this gal showed how she used tubs to hold her Basic Grey sized pads and to keep the scraps in the pads, she used these large rubber bands!

See what I mean? Oh so cool! 88 cents for a bag of rubber bands means a lot less headache for me in trying to keep track of the scrap pieces. Now this may be a no brainer for some of you, but me, I never would have thought to do this!

That's it from me today! Have a good one. The weekend will be here before you know it!


Alanna said...

I'll say it again but I am really enjoying following your journey. So fun to see what you are doing and all the good ideas you are implementing. Sometime I'll get to my area and tidy it up some.

Keep up the good work and stay warm.

Sarah said...

I just LOVE it Jeanne..these ideas are awesome. Thanks again for the links !

Kathi Carlson said...

More progress! Hooray for Jeanne!

I did feel good when I saw the rubber band idea - something I've been doing with my Basic Grey, etc. pads for quite some time. Not often, but every once in a while I think of something! LOL.

You've inspired me to purge a little this weekend ... Thanks!

stampmonkey said...

That's awesome, Jeanne! I love seeing your progress and how excited you get when you find some great way to store something! (Your humor can be really entertaining too. lol And if you happen to need to be rescued while the kids are at school, just give me a call.) Keep up the good work --it's really shaping up! ;)

Carolyn Christie said...

WOW, you are really putting a dent in things, YAY for you. I love seeing the progress you're making. I love the rubberband idea too, & Laurel's SR pics.
I would love to knock out a wall to my joining scraproom. It would make it so much bigger. More room to play! Hubby is thinking about it. :)
You go girl!!

Barb said...

You ROCK!! Keep up the good work!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

From one memory-less dork to another, (I loved how you put that. It's me to the T!!!) this is ultra wonderful! LOVE your magnetic door & all the bins. I know what you mean about wishing you were done. Methinks the homestretch is the hardest of all! I was tripping on things to & my DH did trip when he ventured in here once. (He was okay though) :o) Happy organizing & thanks for the inspiration to try & finish, EVENTUALLY ;o) lol.