Monday, January 11, 2010

The Mom Pledge

I subscribe to a lot of different newsletters, many of them having to do with organizing. One of them is from Hannah Keeley. She wrote a book called The Total Mom Makeover, which is in my stash of books I've read. I enjoyed it, but still need to implement some of her ideas. Anyway, I subscribe to her weekly newsletter. And I just got done skimming it and reading an article called The Mom Pledge. I really liked her commentary about the messages we give ourselves. One is I'm so tired. She says if you keep saying that to yourself, well, you'll feel tired. Conversely if you believe yourself to be energetic, guess'll feel like you have more energy. Simple? Maybe, but also good food for thought, even if you aren't a mom.

Here's the pledge she included in the article:

The Mom Pledge

I am blessed beyond belief.
I am beautiful beyond compare.
I have the greatest career on earth and I will perform it
    to the best of my God-given ability,
    with gratitude, not grumbling;
    with determination, not defeat.
I will rise to every challenge.
I will overcome every obstacle.
I will be productive and positive with every
moment and minute I am given.
My words will bless;
My actions will build;
My thoughts will empower;
And my life, my family, and my home will be
    abundantly blessed as a result.
I am strong enough, smart enough, and creative enough
    to squeeze every bit of juice
    out of this ripe, delicious day.

I'm not affiliated with her in any way, I just really liked this pledge. I've printed it out and will tuck it near my Motivational Moms Planner so I can read it every day, maybe several times and who knows...maybe it'll sink in! *Ü*

I did another 5 minutes or so in each room today, plus I changed the sheets on the beds (not my most favorite chore in the girls' room as they sleep in bunk beds...'nuff said). I cleaned the bathrooms and even finally decluttered the two drawers in the bathroom sink cabinet. Oh my did we accumulate like 80 toothbrushes? Sigh. Some went into the trash, a couple left for spares and the rest are being donated (they are in their wrappers). It took all of 10 minutes to do and would you believe I've been procrastinating on this chore for months? Seriously. Now I feel all good inside because it's finally done and I can move on. LOL

I'm going to work on getting the girls into doing a 10 minute tidy in their room each day and maybe it won't look so much like it's exploding toys in there. What a concept, huh? Wish me luck!

I watched most of the two play off games yesterday, even though my Broncos are not playing (sniff, sniff). It's a good time for me to work on some handwork and I made some good progress on Steve's socks. I'm getting closer to the home stretch...yay!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a marvelous Monday!


Sparkle said...

I'm trying to clean my bathrooms too. I finally got tired of carrying stuff around, lol, so I bought cleaning supplies for all 3 of them. Told Brent he couldn't move stuff. :)

I like the 10 minute thing. I'm better at the other rooms, but my craft room needs it the most, lol.

Kathi Carlson said...

I love the Mom Pledge. So motivating and true.

Good for you for getting to those drawers. Funny how we put silly stuff off, isn't it?

As for the tired thing, I don't think any amount of talk would convince me I'm not tired tonight. Maybe it doesn't apply to grandmas. LOL.

Sounds like you week started out great. Good deal!! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful, too.

Sharli said...

I, too, love the Mom pledge! It's awesome!

I love it when the dreaded task turns out to be not so bad. Yippee!

Kim Burmeister said...

You are a cleaning machine! Nice poem...TFS!

S said...

Thanks for sharing Hannah's blog. Her zone approach reminds me of which I tried and then got away from. I think I'll try this. Getting around to those chores you've been putting off sure does make spending time crafting all the sweeter.

Alanna said...

What a great pledge. And I so hear you on the bunk beds thing. Sucks to change the sheets.

I'm glad you got some more areas tackled. Have a great night.

Laurel said...

Good for you! I've been trying to fit in a bit extra things lately too. Like you, hate the bunk bed thing - oy!

Zac said...

Love the pledge. I am going to pop over and visit the site.

Carol said...

oops, Zac is me, I was logged into the wrong account.

Sarah said...

That pledge is awesome Jeanne..thanks for sharing. I will be printing that one out...and emailing it to a few Mom's I know.
The 5 min thing sounds like such a great idea.
I know what you mean about drawers. So easy to stuff things in them out of sight, out of mind!
Can't wait to see the socks.

Jena said...

Thanks - I really needed that - TFS!