Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brain Dump & Amy…The First~Digi Layout

Happy Sunday to you! I hope you are enjoying your  weekend. We’ve got no major plans for the weekend, just hanging out, letting what comes our way evolve. This post may get long, so hopefully you’ll stick with me. It may become what some call a “brain dump.”

My Saturday took a fun, meandering path. I started out, as usual, reading my blogs, and got inspired to work on some scrapbooking after reading my friend, Wendy’s post about scrapbooking here. I hope you’ll take the time to read what she had to say. It’s truly inspiring. Thank you so much Wendy for sharing your heartfelt thoughts!  You’ve reminded me about why I want to scrapbook and that I need to make more time for it. My friend, Barb, among others, is doing a 365 photo a day project and creates layouts documenting the everyday moments of her life. She’s even created a blog to showcase those layouts here. I’ve been admiring her work all along and may work on a similar type of project for our summer adventures.

As ideas were simmering about what I wanted to create, I decided to take the time to do some shopping for flowers, finally.  I’ve not been very motivated to work outside yet, but it’s starting to build.


Here are the flowers I picked up and worked on planting. Sarah, do you see the clematis I found? It’s a little bitty plant right now, but hopefully it’ll grow up to be big and strong like hers shown in this post. I’m thinking of putting it under that window in the following picture.

This is where most of them went. I still need to take a photo of the after. I ran out of time because we had a birthday party to go to. Notice, there are still weeds in the area. I’ll get to them…eventually. LOL

The girls had a great time at the birthday party for John, Susi’s son. Susi is an inspiration to me. She throws THE best parties for kids. She comes up with great games for them to play. For this one, she and the kids set up an obstacle course in their back yard using chairs, benches, tires, a mini tramp and their play house. For another game, she had them tie a balloon to their ankle and they had to run around trying to pop each other’s balloons. It was great. Very simple and creative, using items they had around the house. I loved it, as did the girls. Too bad I didn’t take my camera. Oh well, the memories will stick.

After the party, it started to rain, so my planting time was over for the day. I was going to work on a layout, but got distracted by some other things.

After dinner, Steve surprised me by saying he wanted to go see the new Star Trek movie. We asked our neighbors across the street if they’d mind watching the girls for us. They were already watching their granddaughter, who is just a bit older than Amy, and the girls get along great, so they enthusiastically said yes. We went to a type of theater we’d never been to before. It’s by our house and is called Cinnebarre. You go in, sit down and order what you’d like to eat from your theater seat. You can get a meal if you like or, (thank goodness) popcorn and a drink. Very different, but neat. I hadn’t thought much about going to see this movie, as going to any movie is not something I think of to do.  While not a zealous fan of the show, I did enjoy watching the tv series (how do you make that plural, there were so many off-shoots of the original?). It was a great, entertaining movie that I really enjoyed. I’m glad I agreed to go on the spur of the moment.

This morning, I decided to try a layout…it’s very simple, but heartfelt. So, if you got this far, I hope you like it, too.

Amy Tree

Thank you for stopping by. I’m sure you got more than you bargained for when you did. Hope you don’t mind…too much.

I will finally close for now. I’m hoping to get the whole font thing resolved soon. I’m in contact with the Live Writer people…



Kathi Carlson said...

Your layout is beautiful. I love the simple style with the great photo and heartfelt words taking center stage. It sounds like you had a fun day.Your yard will be so pretty once your flowers are planted. Your grass looks SO green. Sounds, too, like you had a fun night out. Good for you! Enjoy today, friend!

Kim Burmeister said...

I really like your layout! The journaling is from the heart and makes the layout PERFECT!

Barb said...

WONDERFUL layout, Jeanne! What a pretty yard you have, too! Sounds like you all had a fantastic day! TFS!

Sarah said...

That is such a beautiful and heartfelt layout!
Hee hee I am so glad you got a Nelly Moser clematis! Woohoo. Give it a year and it will take off! If you have the purple one it is probably a jakmani (sp?) and it blooms in the summer. The Autumn Star is lovely too with lots of little white flowers that bloom in the fall!
Wow I have missed a ton of posts being at work this holiday weekend!!!!
Thanks for you sweet email about crocheting.