Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Musical Gift…

Happy Wednesday to you! You all know how impressed I’ve been with the music teacher at our school and I’ve been searching for something “musical” to give her to show my appreciation for her dedication to the students.

I came across a crochet pattern on Etsy and thought it was cute and something she might enjoy. What do you think?

100_6186 100_6187 100_6188 100_6190 100_6189

I have to be honest and tell you know that I know next to nothing about music notes. (Maybe that’s why what she does impresses me so…) The only one I know for sure is the treble clef. I’ve asked the girls numerous times what the notes are (and even some parents at the school) and they’ve told me over and over again, but it doesn’t stick. The only thing I can remember is the girls saying ti-ti and ta-ta. So, if you are musically inclined, you’ll have to tell yourself what these notes are…whole note? Quarter note? Eighth note? I dunno! I DO know I thought they were cute. LOL And since I didn’t have much in the way of musical stuff in my stash…I made do with something I did know!

I thought about making this piano…but figured it would take more time than I had when I was searching for ideas late last week. Maybe for next year?

I’m working on the cards/wrapping for the gifts. I’ll probably be back later to share those.

Oh and here’s a layout I made of Erin and I. I joined the Stampin’ Out Alzheimer’s (check out Kim’s blog here for some info) fundraiser and picked up a free digi kit as well as a template for some of the challenges on the site and this is what I came up with…

Gotta get Jess to school…thanks for stopping by!



Sarah said...

Wooooweee those are SO cool and cute. I had to call Alli over to see them. Her fav is the clef thingy in blue (we are music challenged here too.)
My corcheting adventure is a hoot. I tell you I must be stressed all the time as my stitches are SO tight. I had to go up a hook size as I couldn't get the hook through the gaps lol.
This is why I can't knit.
I am trying a practice piece just the basic crocheting stitch and its coming along...but all of a sudden it grew in size ha ha I must have 'created' extra stitches! I need you here to help me one on one.
I think I am a LONG way from doing one of those cute flowers. What thread/yarn do you need for those? and do you need the steel hooks?

That digi layout is so cute! So bright and cheerful.

I am SO jealous of your little crochet notes!

Kathi Carlson said...

Perfect gift for a music teacher. So cute! And I should know the notes but after all these years, have to think too hard to remember. LOL. Your layout is awesome!!! Someday there will be one of you and me, too!

Jean said...

So cute! I can't believe you actually found a pattern for those - awesome!

Kim Burmeister said...

These are soooo cool! Where is your Etsy account? You should have one!

Great layout with you and Erin. Love the bright colors and the title E & Me.

Carol said...

Well I know not much about music but my MIL is a music teacher and she would just love these. I will have to show her your blog.

You actually have me thinking about learning to crochet, only problem I am left-handed and have so much trouble trying to learn things like that.

I laughed when I saw your comments on my blog about wanting to see the cards. Trust me, I am no-where near your ability.

Barb said...

VERY cute musical notes! LOL! You find the neatest things!

Love your layout with you and Erin...great, bright colors. Cool title,too!


rrbco1995 said...

Wow! The music teacher will love those! I like that they have faces. FYI, that is a treble clef, and the next, in order, are two eighth notes, a single eighth note and a sixteenth note. (A quarter note has no flags on the stem; a half note has no stem, just a black oval; a whole note is an open oval.
So there's your music lesson for the day, LOL.
B :)

mE said...

Those notes are awesome!!! And they are even MORE awesome in person! My favorite is the Treble Clef, I think b ecause it's so pretty and swirly. LOL! :)

LOOOOOOVE the layout of us! When I get my pics off my camera card I am going to ahve to make one or two, too!

Kathi - I think it would be so cool to have a retreat or something somewhere sometime! I've got a house with no kids and a dh who's happy to go camping or something... LOL! Oh the wheels are a turnin!

mE said...

Jeanne - I think you need a tag line....

"Crochet: Not just for Grandmas anymore"

-Julie said...

That is really cute! I bet she loved them!

Sharli said...


The hedgehog you gave Kim is just the cutest thing I've ever seen (except maybe for your tea set!) - you are one VERY talented lady!!!!