Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Butterfly Shirt…

Here’s the shirt that Jessica made yesterday. She felt like laying on the floor with a new hat I bought today and swimmer’s hair (last day of the session for swim class today).


Then she wanted a silly face photo


Finally, this is the back and she didn’t want her head showing.100_6141

It’s a little sparkly because her teacher also brought glitter spray, and I spritzed the shirt with it.

Pretty cute, I say.

BTW…no squirrels in the house when we got home. Of course, I moved the ladder and closed the window to just an inch or so open. I told my swimming mom buddy what happened and she said with our brick homes, the squirrel didn’t really even need the ladder to get up to the window…LOL We had a good giggle over it, though.

Have a great night!



Kathi Carlson said...

Cute shirt on, of course, a very sweet little girl! Oh, and I'm glad to see that little girls like to make funny faces, too! That's about all one gets from little boys unless, that is, one sneaks up on them. LOL.

Sarah said...

Awwww she is so darling! That shirt is so cute! I love the hat the floor and the silly face LOL!!!
I am STILL cracking UP over the squirrel.
My hubby took my car in for a service recently and a chipmonk/squinney/ ground squirrel had made a nest in my air filter.. and was still there!!!! Much to the amusement of the service guys.
I wondeered why when I put the heater on I could smell nuts LOL

Kim Burmeister said...

Very cute! Of course, the pics are darling. I love the saying on the shirt and how she put her hands and footprint on it.

Kelly Triggs said...

Hi! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leaving a nice comment. Your blog is darling! I love the fresh feel of your background! Love, love, love the cards I saw when I scrolled! Looking forward to coming back to see more!

Jackie said...

with all the fantastic things you make i can't see the bear clothes being a problem for do far more complicated things than that ;)