Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a Haul~Digi Layout


I was able to get this layout done this afternoon. I think you should be able to read the journaling. A neat thing (I think) on the layout is that I took close up pictures of some of the logs in our pile and used them in the layout. I like the texture in the background photo.

I used a Kay Miller template (just love those) and ended up using papers (one is recolored to better match Jessica’s pants), stitching and a button from her Jungle Boogie kit. The font is called Pea Sean.

I didn’t have a set plan for this layout…it just sort of evolved and I like how it turned out.

Thanks for looking!



Kathi Carlson said...

LOVE it! Since I haven't used the "amazed" word lately, I use it now. You get stuff done in the amount of time it takes some of us to think about doing something! Amazing!

Sarah said...

My Amy said..."ohhh Mom what a pretty picture" when she saw your layout! I have to's pretty awesome. I love the wood background!!!
That pic of Jessica is just precious!

Sharli said...


I'm jealous that you have a fireplace and the weather to actually use one!

But seriously - what a great layout! All digital? Wowie, that's kind of scary!

mE said...

That is an AWESOME layout!!! I totally love the wood pic background, too! That is one HUGE honkin pile! You're gonna love all that wood this winter! :)

Hugs to you!


Lori said...

Wow.Wow.Wow. What an awesome layout. Can't stop looking at it.

Jackie said...

whoa..that is a great haul of firewood for an even greater price :)