Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lots of Smiles Today!

Hi there! I'm sorry I haven't posted the past few days. I wanted to do some creating on Monday, but Jessica wanted me to snuggle with her in the morning, so all my housekeeping chores had to be done after I dropped her off at school. Since she'll be in school all day  next year, I gotta take advantage of that snuggle time while I still can. *Ü* I did try to create yesterday, but it ended up being a big, fat dud as my mojo up and went-went. Sigh. Today was early-release day at school, which means I have a much shorter kid-free time and since I was so close to being done, I decided to work on the teacher cross-stitch project. I just finished the second one a few minutes ago! Whoo hooo!


You may notice that the piece on top is shorter than the one on the bottom. That was my big oops for this project. When I wanted to start it, I had to rush out the door to go park to pick up the girls from school (I have to leave early to get a decent spot-and I work on handwork while waiting). Anyway, I quick cut the Aida cloth and headed out the door. It wasn't until I finished stitching the teacher angel and word Teachers that I realized the piece of cloth was too short. I'd forgotten that I had already cut the Aida cloth to the correct size when I cut the first piece. (I had to get a rather large piece of cloth to get the length I needed). Anyway, because I was in a rush, I didn't think about that it was all ready for me. But, because I had already completed the angel, and didn't want to start all over again, I made it work by not skipping as many rows between sentences. If I couldn't fit the books in, I was going to leave them off and do another row of apples. Thankfully, I got it all to fit. That it worked, and the fact that I am done with this part of the project made me smile.

Then there's this...which showed up in the mail today.


My new blogging buddy, Sarah, of Sarah's Paper Tray, sent these buttons to me as a RAK (random act of kindness). She's posted some really cute cards with these buttons that she found at Walmart. I remember seeing them at my Walmart, but didn't have any idea of what I'd do with them, so I passed them up. Well, my Walmart is currently undergoing a huge renovation and as part of it, they have gotten rid of the whole fabric section (sniff, sniff) despite the fact that this fabric department was very profitable for the store. There had been customers that drove long distances just for the fabric. Anyway, I missed out on getting these fun and funky buttons. Sarah took pity on me and very sweetly sent me some so I could have some fun playing!  Thank you SO much Sarah! Aren't blogging buddies the best?? You really should check out the great projects she posts!

That's it from me today. Hopefully tomorrow my mojo will return from wherever it went, all rested and ready to get busy! Thanks for stopping by, I sure appreciate your visits.



Sarah said...

Ohhhh you got your buttons LOL. Hope you don't mind me sending them. I just loved them so much and you are SO creatve! I adore your teacher corss stitch projects. they rock. Thanks for being so kind to my card crash ha and Kathi were very diplomatic. I redeemed myself today I think and made some not so awful cards. Glad you like the buttons....Amy and I picked them out.

Alanna said...

Your cross stitching projects are sooooo cute. Your girls' teachers will love them.

Erin said...

You finishd them!!!! OOOH! I love the cross stitch!! Good job on recovering from the oops cut , too! The teachers are going to LOOOVE them :)

Love the RAK buttons, too! Can't wait to see what you do with them!



mE said...

You finishd them!!!! OOOH! I love the cross stitch!! Good job on recovering from the oops cut , too! The teachers are going to LOOOVE them :)

Love the RAK buttons, too! Can't wait to see what you do with them!



Kathi Carlson said...

Your cross-stitch gifts are wonderful. Such an ambitious project!! I'm anxious to see what you do with the buttons, too. They're very cool.

Barb said...

Yahoo for finished projects! They look good, too. I miss cross stitching, but my eyes sure don't! Cool buttons...I know you'll come up with something very clever to put them on.

Kim Burmeister said...

Yay! You're finished! I think they look perfect. The teachers are going to love them.

What a great RAK! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Karen said...

Your girls teachers are going to love those! At least I do!

And RAK buttons? They are great! They look really different! :>

stampmonkey said...

I'm so glad you were able to save your cross-stitch project (of course, I didn't have any doubt that you'd be able to figure out something to make it work)!! I can't wait to see them when you get them completed and ready to deliver. ;)

(I remember those days of leaving early to park in front of the school and bringing busy-work to do while waiting for the kids to get out.... Good to know the tradition is still being carried on all across America. lol)

You are a very lucky girl to have such a sweet bloggin' buddy -- Sarah's card is darling and I have no doubt that you're going to have a lot of fun playing with those packages of buttons!