Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome Summer Break…I’m Already Tired

Hello! We celebrated our first day of Summer Break yesterday with a surprise visit to one of the all time favorite kid places, Chuck E. Cheese’s! Since it’d been at least a year since we were there last, we noticed that they had changed things up a bit and added some new games. One being this horse. Jessica loved it. You get on the horse and watch the video screen and you are involved in a horse race. Of course, she has no clue how to ride a horse for real, but who cares…she had a blast. On the second photo, Jessica is doing this funky twist that she does with her tongue. I can’t do it and she tells me it’s because I am not a kid. LOL

100_6204 100_6205

Amy worked out some energy on this whack a pin game. I want to say whack a mole, but there were no moles in sight.


For some reason, this ride thing was a favorite of Amy’s. Maybe because it was a ride? Maybe she’s gearing herself up for whenever she gets to a real amusement park? Maybe she just plain old thought it was fun?! This is the activity she kept talking about to her dad at dinner. Go figure.


A visit wouldn’t be complete without feeding tickets to the Ticket Muncher. Both girls earned enough tickets to get a little something, something from the prize display.


100 Tokens = $15 (with a coupons)

Drinks = $6

First Day of Summer Break Memories = Priceless.



One would think that I would sit down and work on scrapping these memories? Oh NO, one would be wrong. I decided to do some cleaning instead (I know, I know…what was I thinking?) Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and I am still sore from my efforts as I type this.

We have two car sized carport (which I love, love, love-no snow to speak of piling up on the cars unless it’s a windy storm). The carport cover extends up the ramp (not steps) to our porch (previous owner was in a wheel chair), so no rain or snow falls on us when we go out to the car. However, this lovely carport area/porch can also double as a dumping ground. And I decided to rectify this yesterday after we got home. I could have used the hose to wash it all down, but I, wanting to get some exercise (cough, cough), so I swept it all up. After moving all the junk not necessary for the porch/end of the carport elsewhere. I even cleaned the big window screens to our great room (which is a converted two car garage…the window is the size of a two car garage door opening). Sigh…I don’t know where the energy came from. Maybe the music I selected on the boom box I brought out to listen to while I worked? I even vacuumed out the cars…again! I got us some popcorn on the way home from our fun morning and the bag the girls were sharing fell over, dumping popcorn all over the floor. Sigh. So, since I had the vacuum out for the window tracks, I gave the cars a quick once over. This is in addition to the vacuuming the van got earlier in the week, after our last haul of wood. After I was done outside, again, since the vacuum was out…I vacuumed up the great room. Then I swept up the kitchen and living room and did a quick mop of the living room. What can I say? I was on a roll! Then, after dinner, we went on a bike ride. Guess I did get my exercise for the day? Week? Month?  LOL I’m sore, but satisfied with my efforts.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend. Amy has a Brownie Day today where she is going to work on earning 6 badges. She’ll be gone all day. Jessica will probably have fun playing with her friends. I will probably finish weeding/planting the rest of the flowers and cleaning around the back yard. Yeah, I have no idea where the motivation is coming from, but you gotta go with it when it comes, right?



Kathi Carlson said...

And I was wondering what you've been up to ... Wow! Your photos of your time at Chuck E. Cheese are so fun! Would fun to take Bjorn and Mathias to a place like that. As for your other activities, you're a regular cleaning machine! Made me tired reading about it. LOL. Good for you! Enjoy the weekend!!

Alanna said...

Looks like you and your girls had a great time at Chuck E Cheese. I'm sure they'll remember fondly that day.

And wow. What a workout you must have gotten doing all that cleaning. I'm with Kathi. I was seriously getting tired just reading what all you got accomplished. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sarah said...

LOL Jeanne wanna come to my house???
Loved your pics and your's all priceless!
We are exhausted after our GS camp, but they had a blast. Bet Amy was busy earning 6!!!!!

Jackie said...

my kids used to love chuck e cheese they take their kids :)