Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Buster-Then & Now Layout

Here is my Lesson 2a layout...finally! :o) I did spend just about the entire time Jessica was in school doin' digi stuff. I had just a couple of tasks to do to finish this one up, but one of them was journaling, and you do need to be fresh (and awake) to do that well.

Here's a rundown of what we were able to do by the end of the lesson:

*Re-color multiple patterned papers using an adjustment layer
*Create your own patterned paper with a custom brush
*Save a brush using the Preset Manager
*Create masks using custom shapes and alphabets
*Create a smooth gradient transition between two photos
*Add zig-zag stitching for a handmade look
*Create a photo overlay with a custom brush (I did this, but didn't include it
on this layout)
*Add a custom drop-shadow to a journaling card to pop it off the page

Cool, huh? :o) And here's what that translates to (click on photo to enlarge)!
SP Lima background papers: From Monoblendz Paperie - Lima paper pack by Anna Aspnes
Rounded corner square die cut: from
Border Templates pack by Katie Pertiet
Striped patterned paper: from
Bohemian Garden kit by Mindy Terasawa
Dirty Journaler Label: from
Dirty Journalers set by Katie Pertiet
Grunged Up Photo Block: from
Grunged Up Photo Blocks No. 2 set by Katie Pertiet
Staples by Katie Pertiet
I figured I'd do a layout on Buster, since I recently did one on Sarah.
I did this same layout, with a few variations with Amy as the subject. What do you think?

credits: patterned paper background Moonrise by Vicki Stegall, patterned paper darker blue paper by Ashalee Wall (both papers recolored) from Oscraps. The rest of the supplies are from our class file and are credited in the first layout.
Fonts on both: Anarchy, Fling (title), Alfred Heavy (ampersand), Century Gothic (journaling)

I did do the brush overlay on this layout, which is Amy's name in the photo. On Buster's layout, I didn't like how it looked at all, so I chose to leave it off.

I am working in the same layout for Jessica, but still have to do the journaling, and after a dinner out for Spirit Night at Chick Fil A, and snuggling with the girls, it was all I could do to get myself on the computer again to get these posted let alone figure out some decent journaling. LOL

Thanks for visiting. The layouts that are in our Digi: In Deep Gallery are so stunning! Last I looked there were something like 50 pages of layouts and we are only in week TWO! The students (can't just say ladies anymore, since we have a guy in class this time) are just SO talented! I wish I had the time and finger power to write comments on each one, but since a choice has to be made on how to spend my time, I have to choose working on lessons and admiring quietly those layouts in the Gallery. Any classmates who come to my blog, please know that I am always in awe of what you share even if I don't get to say so!

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Kathi Carlson said...

I am in awe . . . again. It sounds like you're learning a lot. The dog is cute. The child is beautiful. I look forward to the next one! TFS!!

stampmonkey said...

Looks like you learned your lesson quite well -- both of your LOs here are fabulous! Makes me wish I had time to scrapbook...and learn digi! Beautiful element choices!

Dawn said...

Great job on these layouts!! Class is great!! but challenging...which i need...cause i can get am hopping to my friends blogs to check their layouts...avoiding 2b..have the pics..can't make choice on papers...i will i will i will...see ya at class...

Jackie said...

Great job...Buster is so cute...and so is Amy...great job...I agree...DID is overwhelming to keep up with all the lo...I too look quietly..but thot I would come blog hopping to see who has what :)