Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hawaiian Surprise!

This post is for my sweet friend, Felicia, who lives in Hawaii right now. We met when she and her family lived in Colorado, while her Navy husband went to school. Being military, they move a lot, but we were lucky to have her here for 3 years before they moved on. She is a very special person in my life and the miles between us (heck, even an ocean) can't change our friendship.

Anyway, there was a box sitting on the table when I got home from running some errands and I asked hubby what he ordered. Wasn't for him. It was for the girls!! I saw it said Miss Felicia in the return address and knew the girls were gonna be sooooo happy. Amy talks about Miss Felicia regularly and wonders when she'll see her again. Anyway, in the box were two Hawaiian Hula dancer outfits, complete with coconut shell tops! The girls were giddy and couldn't wait to try them on. They happily allowed me to take pictures so I could send them to her with our thanks. You knew I couldn't just leave it at that, right? Had to scrap it!

Here you go! Thanks again, Felicia! You made their day, heck their week, with your thoughtfulness!

Template: Mayflowers 1-2 by Janet Phillips as part of a grab bag for April (Scrapbook Graphics)
All papers and embellishments from Flower Stand Collab kit by Shabby Miss Jen and Susan Bartolini (aka ScrapKitchenDesigns) and can be found at ShabbyMissJennDesigns.
Fonts: Susi's Hand and Texas Hero

Well, now I'm off to bed for the night. Hubby asked me if I could clean off the deck this week. Argghhhh...maybe it'll snow so I can focus on Jessica's next lesson for class....seriously they say we could have some snow....I'd better get a good night's sleep, huh?

Oh and for the comments on my being busy...yep, I have been, but it really helps that the girls are in school part of the time (my house doesn't think so, though), they go to bed fairly early and when I'm in the mood to get my fingers dirty in my craft room, they either join me, or lately, they've been playing at the neighbor's house! I think I've earned the time to play.....LOL :o)
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Kathi Carlson said...

How fun!! - With an awesome layout to boot to preserve the memory!

Jamie Martin said...

Cute scrap page, love the layout :)

Felicia said...

I'm so glad the girls loved them!! The layout is great.

Jackie said...

Oh those hula costumes are the kids are just having too much fun with them