Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it April 10th or December 10th?

On Monday evening the weather forecasters were talking about a big storm coming that hadn't even developed yet! I scoffed, thinking how in the heck can they predict this storm if it isn't even there? Well, looky here, guess they were right! These pictures were taken just a couple of minutes ago. They may have gotten the start time for the snow actually falling off a little bit, but as predicted, it's snowing and will continue to do so off and on all day, dropping 3-6 inches of this white stuff. Darn and I was hoping for the 8-10 inches of "pretend" snow they predicted for the last storm. Guess they have to get it right at least part of the time. LOL
This is the part of the deck I cleaned off just the other day.

They have also predicted it will be a beautiful weekend and get up into the 70s on Monday. I hope they are right. ;o)
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Kathi Carlson said...

We've had snow all around us, like 40 inches a few miles south over the weekend, but no snow here . . . yet! My fingers are crossed. I'm waiting for what we still have to melt! At least, in Colorado, the snow doesn't hang around too long. Have a great Friday!!

Carol said...

Wow that snow is amazing! We have started getting our heaters out as winter is coming (nights are pretty cold), mind you for a winter to get below 10 degrees celcius (about 50 degrees F) where I live would be so very rare.
Your layouts from DID are fantastic.

Donna S. said...

Brrr.. that makes me cold just looking at it... and to think we have been in short sleeves and even shorts this past week.
At least it gives you one more chance to make a snowman!

Dawn said...

Can you stand it!!!! I WANT SPRING!!...not snowing in boston but the RAIN has begun for the weekend washout!! great pics!!

Jackie said...

Oh my...that must be the storm that came thru our way at the end of your snow pictures..soon it will be spring...or so they say

stampmonkey said...

I hear ya, Jeanne! Looks like you were in my back yard (well, the furniture looks a bit different -lol). At least our snow was all melted off by late Thursday afternoon. Still cold and windy here though. Hopefully it'll be nice and warm come Monday...for both of us! ;)