Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Check Out Rachel's Blog at 1905 Designs!

When I was a consultant, one of the Gatherings I did was for a gal named Rachel. I hadn't met her before, but that's part of the fun of doing home parties...the neat people you meet. Rachel went from being a Hostess to a member of my Hostess Club to a friend! She is very sweet and a special needs teacher to boot. (I so admire her ability to help those kids). Anyway, I didn't know, but Rachel is also a digi scrapper! I'm not sure how long she's been doing it, but I do know she has a fun and funky style! I think she mentioned to me that she just missed signing up for Jessica's class.

Another surprise to me is that she has recently started her own blog AND she is just beginning to design stuff! She doesn't know many digi scrappers so I thought I'd put the word out here on my blog (and will mention it on the Spraground) to go take a look-see and leave her a little love. I haven't even attempted to create any stuff, so when someone takes that leap of faith, I gotta support them.

So...if you are of a mind to, hop on over to Rachel's blog called 1905 Designs and see what you think. Remember she's just started so there aren't a huge number of posts, but there are a couple of freebies that might just tickle your fancy!

Good luck, Rachel! Enjoy the journey and keep on creating!

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Rachel said...

Oh, you're too sweet!!!! Thanks for the SHOUT-OUT!