Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home-A Challenge Layout

I actually finished this layout last night and tried to post it, but I was having problems with my computer locking up, so I gave up and decided to try again today. As the day went on, I realized I'd have to wait until this evening.

Each week, there has been a new challenge posted on the Jessica Sprague website. (note: even if you aren't taking her classes, you can still register and participate. There is a general forum and a general public gallery where you can post).

Jessica posts a Photoshop Phriday tutorial on her blog from time to time.

Well, this past weekend, Jessica posted a new tutorial and then there was a new challenge posted in the forum. I've not participated in too many of them. Have the grandest of intentions, but not the best follow-through. This week, I thought I'd try to combine both challenges in one layout. I had just taken some pictures of the girls creating a "tent" in our living room on Sunday. Just prior to this creation, they had been sitting on their blankets in our Great Room announcing they were traveling on their magic carpets. I didn't get a shot of them on their blankets (I mean, magic carpets), but I caught them having fun setting this tent up using our bar stools, a couple of kid sized chairs, pillows from the couch and a blanket on a spare bed. They were having the best time!

Okay, so the tutorial from Jessica was to create the circle you see in this layout. The challenge on the forum was to create a layout using Jessica's Home Away From Home mini kit (and use only things from this kit-scroll toward the end of the post to find the link to download the kit). The theme was the layout had to be about HOME. I found the quotation after doing a Google search and thought the pictures of the girls fit the theme quite well. So...I got to learn how to create the circle, play with Jessica's kit, and do that challenge as well. The only caveat is that I realized I used a frame from another designer! Ooops. In my defense, I normally use elements from only one kit (easier for me to do this) and using something from outside of the kit is a stretch. So, it worked opposite for me...I hope that makes sense.
Credits: Jessica Sprague's Home Away From Home kit, Storyboard and Frame by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals).
Fonts: Cursif, CK Ali's Writing and Century Gothic.

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Kathi Carlson said...

Love the layout (the colors are exquisite), the photos, and as always, the story. So little girls make tents,too? Heck, I guess I did (and forts as well). Too many males around for too many years. I forget the things little girls do. Moral of the story: Regardless of gender, kids are kids, and they are awesome!!

Donna S. said...

Pretty LO... love the colors!!

Carol said...

Your layout looks great, the girls are having such a great time.

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

This is so cute! I still haven't tried the tutorial or the challenge. You did such an awesome job that I might have to get my rear in gear!

Clearly Inspired said...

Love the circle with your girls picture in the middle. Another great layout!

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


I am loving all the art you're posting here! I haven't been here for a little while cuz I've been super busy, but oh my goodness... you are ROCKING!!!!

Love ya!