Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eggciting Layout

I did this layout yesterday, but never did get it uploaded! Sorry. There's not a lot of "schtuff" added to it, but I did use Kay Miller's kit So Eggciting. The template (it's a tiff file) is from Jen Caputo, from her blog and the file says 61506, which I'm pretty sure is the date. I was download happy a while ago, so am not sure if I am remembering correctly. Font is Pea Tracy...cuz that is how I WISH my handwriting would look! :o)

I liked the angles on this template and that I was able to add a lot of photos without being too, too busy. And no...we did not dye 4 dozen eggs, I used the same photo for those "borders" because I thought it looked kind of neat.
We started a new session of swim class yesterday and hit the first glitch in the system at the rec center since we started classes last July. Amy moved up a level, which made me happy for more reasons than just being proud of her. The class she was in was only offered at 4 or 5pm and that's getting kind of late in the day. The next level class was being offered at 3:30, which was perfect. So, last Thursday, when I found out she moved up, I gleefully went to sign her up. Only to find out the head of the swim dept. CANCELLED the 3:30 class because he had no registrants! Um...hello! I JUST found out she qualified for the class! He apologized but it was a done deal. So, the only other class available was....yep....the 5pm class! But knowing how much Amy adores these lessons, I sucked it up and signed them up for this time slot. So, yesterday we are there waiting for class to start. When they hadn't called the Level 4 group, I asked where were they meeting. The guy told me, um...don't kill the messenger but the Level 4 class is cancelled! WHAT?? I knew for a fact that they had more than 2 registrants. In fact there was a wait list for this class (could it be because the guy cancelled the other class prematurely????). So I go to the front desk to find out what was going on. The gal there gave me the roster with a full class list! Of course the guy I needed to talk to was NO where to be found. By the time I went back to the pool, I discovered the instructors pulled together the kids and one of the gals very nicely taught the class. There was a full class there and happily for Amy, one of her friends from her 1st grade class is in this group. Another friend from her class is also taking lessons in this time Amy is one happy camper! She gets to swim and see some friends. I was told this instructor will be teaching this swim class for this session and through word of mouth on the bench for parents, I hear she is a REALLY good instructor. So all's well, but it was a bit dicey there for a few minutes. :o) I still don't like being there at 5pm...we usually eat dinner at 5:30...and let me tell you the girls practically inhaled their dinner last night-which was Wendy's because Steve got home late as well. Hopefully the next session we'll be able to go a little earlier. Time will tell though.

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Kathi Carlson said...

As always, CUTE layout! Your girls' eggs are much brighter than my boys' eggs. Little male creatures have to turn everything into a marathon you know. I hope I got some good photos to scrap. It was a wild time.

Clearly Inspired said...

Oooo, I really like how you angled the pictures. So non-conventional! Great job!