Friday, March 7, 2008

Life's An Adventure

Another layout that is a bit different for me, but I think I like it! Jessica came home from preschool on Thursday with a paper mache volcano, made as a culminating project for their dinosaur unit. Attached to the paper plate were instructions on how to create the "lava" to come out of the volcano. She was so excited and could hardly wait to try it. The picture of her face is her immediate reaction to what she saw when she poured the vinegar into the volcano. I'm so glad I captured it. We then had to let it dry a bit and try it again with a different color. We did it again (with another color) when Daddy came home from work so he and Amy could see what happened. I would say it was a hit. :o)

Oh and she is wearing pjs because it was pajama day at school, too.

Paper and Elements: Kay Miller Designs Lovin' Life kit
Fonts: Learning Curve and Pea Jane (journaling)

Thanks for looking!


Clearly Inspired said...

Nice layout! I bet you loved this experiment. Another great event in her life to scrapbook. Your kids are going to love to look through scrapbooks when they get older.

Great job!

Kari said...

I really love it!! The colors are so bright and fun and the layout of your photos and elements looks fantastic ;)

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Well, you were up late last night! I loved hearing that little ping in my inbox that told me you posted a great layout again!!

That kit you were looking for should be up this weekend!! (Yeah, I shouldn't have posted this layout yet, but I couldn't resist!!) Try back again! It really is an awesome kit!

Kathi Carlson said...
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Kathi Carlson said...

Typo in my first try at commenting . . . Ooh, I love this layout, and it brings back the best memory for me. Those homemade volcanos have been around for a long time. My experience involved eight little Cub Scouts. Thanks. My smile at the recollection is about as wide as Jessica's.

Carol said...

Great layout and what a great volcano!

Rachel said...

Love your titlework...and the colors are great!