Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crazy Hair Day!

I'm back! I got a layout done today while the girls were cool is that!?!

Before I talk about that, I wanted to let you know that I've updated my blog list a bit. I've added Nichole Heady's blog {capture the moment}. She's the mastermind behind Papertrey Ink. I also wanted to mention Lisa's Creative Corner. I just started reading this one, probably based on something Kathi said, and I've not been disappointed. I don't think you will be either. :o) I deleted a few because they hadn't been updated for a while, or I wasn't sure the content was something I felt like promoting. Also, when I went to add the new blogs, I couldn't GET to the list to update it unless I removed some links. Go figure.

I also want to take a moment to thank you for all the kind comments you leave for me. I may not always directly respond, but I do read all of them! One of the questions I got from my butterfly post was if I took that picture and I surely did! I almost missed the butterfly when I was scrolling through my pictures because of the leaves, which is partly why I was so pleased with how the final layout came out.

My confidence level hiccup came about because I started to compare my layouts to some of the truly artistic layouts I'd been seeing on the Jessica Sprague gallery. I like to shop online for new digi stuff as much as anyone, and I'm always checking credits to see what's new. Well, a couple of layouts in particular used products I had seen and passed up because I didn't "see" the potential in them. Then I see a layout using the same products and I started questioning my ability to "see" what I could do with things I was passing up. Some of these layouts are truly artistic in my mind and I don't see myself as a real artsy scrapper. I strayed from the reason I do this...the love for creating layouts for my family. My style isn't that of some of the really art-like or ecclectic layouts, but I sure wish sometimes I could get the same vision that these ladies seem to get when they look at their stash of goodies. From time to time I hope to stretch myself in the techniques I use, so that I can feel a bit more "artsy" in my layouts, but in the meantime, I am happy that I am creating MORE layouts now than I ever have before. That's an accomplishment I can truly be proud of.

Okay, enough's the layout I created today, from photos I took this morning! (gotta love digi for that alone, I think!) Amy's school is in the middle of spirit week and she has been almost beside herself with excitement. She has talked about it almost non stop last week. The highlight so far (after crazy hat day and pajama day) was today's crazy hair day. She was up extra early, to be sure I would have enough time to get all those ponytails in. Look at that grin. She loved it! I loved that she was so excited! And those who know Miss you remember, not so long ago, when she absolutely REFUSED to let me put her hair up in a single ponytail? Now I have to ask daily, one or two, braid or no braid? (okay that was more jabber, sorry) Here you go!

(click on photo to enlarge)
Credits: Kay Miller Designs template
Mary Fran's new Goin' Bananas page kit (and extras that go along with it) from Nitwitcollections
Font: Pea Nancy

I'm done for the night...thanks again for visiting. I hope you find time to create something special for yourself.


Rachel said...

This is adorable...did you make the letters from paper? I've seen that around but never figured out how to do that...and I missed the cut-off for Jessica Sprague's class...I guess I have to wait and hope that the second class will be okay for me (without the 1st) and that my playing around on with the program myself will be sufficient.

Kopperhead said...

Love your blog. I'll be coming back tomorrow, you have so many great links and good ideas; I feel some inspiration coming on! Thanks.

Carol said...

Your crazy hair day layout is great!

I know where you were coming from with your seeing the potential question. Sometimes I think my stuff is so simple compared to others on JS. I love the products but sometimes wonder what I am ever going to do with them.

Clearly Inspired said...

Very cute! I really love all the events you scrap! Another great one.

I like your new weather girl. I might have to add one of those to my sidebar.

And the new banner is so festive. That is one reason why I wish I knew how to digiscrap.

scrappernic said...

Wow--I guess I haven't been over here in a while--you've done some great layouts! I LOVE the butterfly--gorgeous! And your new header too :)

I keep telling myself that I should't come to your blog because every time I do I get an itch to start digi scrapping. Which is funny because no magazines or sites make me feel that way. I guess I just love your style. So it's funny to me that you would feel insecure about your layouts. I think you are very talented!!

Kathi Carlson said...

I love the layout - the colors, papers, composition, etc. What I really love, however, is the story and the mother's heart that tells it. In 25 years, the cute page will be one thing and the memories it evokes so much more.

Kari said...

You are doing such a great job keeping up your blog!! Love your new look :) I love the post you created on the MB about seeing the potential. I haven't gotten to comment on it yet but have really loved reading the comments! I feel the exact same way you do and had a "bad" few days at the beginning of this week throwing myself a pity party!!! That thread was very refreshing, realistic, and enlightening ... thanks for asking the question!