Thursday, March 27, 2008

Museum of Nature & Science Visit

My girls have a wide range of interests which is great! Amy has been fascinated by just about every subject she studies in school, but two have stood out. One is her interest in space and the other is her interest in dinosaurs. Steve took them to the Museum of Nature and Science and Amy got to indulge in both! Well, I thought it would be a good idea to get a membership to the museum thereby allowing us to visit more often and more economically for us. So, yesterday we headed to the museum. The museum is located pretty much next to the Denver Zoo. When we got stuck in the traffic going to the zoo, I knew I had made the right decision to NOT go to the zoo yesterday (it was in the 70s and gorgeous). But we still had to wade thru the traffic. And the museum was packed too. We had to park down on the third level in the parking structure!

I'd been to the museum before as a teacher on field trips, but it's a different feeling going with your kids to satisfy their curiosity. These pictures aren't very good at all, but I'll share them anyway.
The girls wanted to go into the planetarium, but it was only 11 or so and the next show was at 2pm. I knew they wouldn't make it to the next showing and I didn't want to leave and come back. So we wandered and checked out a bunch of exhibits. We did the Space Odyssey, but the few pictures I took were WAY too blurry to share. Amy and Jess were fascinated though. I love these scenes they have set up of the animals in their habitats. We even went into the exhibit with the mummies!

The girls are awestruck by these dinosaur fossils. It's kind of hard to take a decent picture of these so I can only hope you get a sense of their size. I'm not the greatest photographer at all and most of my shots if they are good are happy accidents! :o)

Would you believe when I looked out the window this morning I saw snowflakes falling??? Not enough to cover the ground, but to go from the gorgeousness (is that a word?) of yesterday to the dreariness of cloudy and cool today, with scattered snow/rain is a bit of a let down. The girls and I are just hanging out at home and have swim lessons later this afternoon. We were supposed to play with Amy's good friend, but apparently her family got a great deal on tickets and left today to visit family out of state!

I may be back later with something creative, but tonight is the finale of The Apprentice and I got sucked into watching it. Actually this has been one of the most entertaining seasons I've ever watched and I have been fascinated by Trace Adkins...a country singer with the most mesmerizing gravelly voice when he speaks...and his ideas have been awesome!


Erica said...

can you believe the snow?!?! we were out till 8 pm las tnight watching shorts! and then wake up to this poop! it's gone here already....and love watching your blog!

Kathi Carlson said...

I'm more jealous over the museum and zoo than I am the stores you have nearby! I can shop on the Internet after all. The closest zoo or museum that would be of interest to children is 150 miles from here and in Canada no less!!! Poor Kathi . . .LOL!! Keep nurturing that interest in science. We need more women in science, math, and engineering.

Rachel said...

what a great picture of your girls!!! Very cool!

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

My son would just flip if we took him to the Natural Science museum! He is obsessed with Star Wars (which kind of counts as space, right?) and Dinosaurs. I don't know many 4 year olds who know so many dinosaur names. I don't even know how to pronounce them and he just lets them roll off his tongue!