Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...wanna laugh?

I just came across this on Nicole Seitler's blog...Sugarplum Paperie and laughed SO hard. I wanted to share it with you all as well. Love it! Thanks for sharing put a big ole grin on my face.

Hopefully sometime today I'll be able to work on a layout or something crafty to share...we'll see!

Have a wonderful day!


Dawn said...

Isn't this just the funniest...i too laughed out loud!!! Love your blog, gf!!dewnie

Donna S. said...

This picture is hilarious!!

Kathi Carlson said...

Funny! I don't normally think chickens are cute and for good reason. In another life, I got talked into being a chicken farmer - 6,000 chickens that layed about 5,000 eggs a day, all hand-picked by me (my twice-a-day second job). Thinking about it 30-some years later it's funnier than the photo. It was not, however, funny or fun at the time!