Sunday, March 2, 2008

Homemade Happiness

From a gorgeous and record-breaking day of 74 yesterday, we woke up to a cold, windy and snowy day that never got above freezing, I don't think! We've got a couple of inches on the ground right now, but I think the majority of the snow has stopped. Pretty wild, huh? But they say March IS our snowiest month!

Well, it was a good day to stay indoors, anyway, and here's a layout I completed. I guess since it still feels like winter, I felt like scrapping a wintery subject. :o)
Hope you like!
Template, paper and elements from Kay Miller Designs. Template is from Collection 11, paper, and candies from Gingerland, with some gingerfolk from Kay's Clay Bits collection add on that goes along with the page kit. She actually makes the polymer clay pieces, photographs them and then extracts them to make her collection. I think she is uber talented!

Font: Fling

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Kathi Carlson said...
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Kathi Carlson said...

My first post contained a typo so I deleted it. Can't have that! I said and will say again, Sweet layout. Sweet mommy, too. Those gingerbread houses require quite a lot of patience, particularly with "help."

Rachel said...

What a fun LO...I bet the girls love it!

Clearly Inspired said...

Crazy weather! This looks yummy! I think I would have eaten a lot of sweets if I helped. Great layout!

Felicia said...

Oh, how I miss the sporadic weather that makes Denver what it is. I love the sunshine, but seriously does it have to be perfect every day! I would love a day of rain. I sort of miss the snow. But hey, we might be making a trip out this summer. BTW, I'm moving today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a little excited.

Carol said...

So after doing the conversions, your winter day yesterday was the same as our summer day yesterday (about 24 degrees C). We had a hot one today but meant to be back to 24degreesC and rainy tomorrow.

Lovely layout and wonderful cooking!
Carol :-)