Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Because I Have a Blog...

A long lost friend found me!

This is going to be the last post for today, but I wanted to share.

When Steve and I first moved to Colorado, we were lucky enough to rent a house right next door to an awesome family. They were wonderful especially since my mom passed away the day I pulled up in the Uhaul and I had to turn around and leave to go back home. We became great friends. Then they decided to buy a house close by. Steve and I had gotten married and my dad had told us he would either pay for a big wedding or help us with a down payment on a house. We took the down payment. :o) Anyway, one day we were walking the dog and walked to the house where our friends had moved. They were out, so we continued exploring the street they now lived on. We found a house for sale about 5 houses north of our friends. We bought that house and were neighbors once again.

Unfortunately, the little boy in the family developed brain cancer and passed away. This made their living in the house where he got sick all but impossible and they moved to Montana. We hadn't heard from them in many years. I often, almost daily, think about them since I pass the house they lived in daily. I look at the house and remember the good times we had.

Fast forward to this week. I received an email from my friend! She wasn't sure she found the right people, so was checking that first. I immediately wrote back and now we are catching up.

How did she find us? She "googled" our names and MY BLOG came up! How cool is that???

So, I have to be thankful in another way for starting this blog because I've reconnected with someone who is very special to me.

With that, I will head off to bed. Thanks for visiting and remember, you just never know who you will touch by having a blog....

Good night!

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Carol Dillon said...

Jeanne, that is a wonderful story! So glad you and your friend have reconnected!
Carol :-)