Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gramma Tomshack-LOAD 20

Yea, I got today's layout done! :o) This is a picture of my mother-in-law that was taken the same day that I took my dad's picture at Gunther Toody's. I'm sure I could have edited it a little bit, but I chose not to. I think the picture came out rather nice. And I have to say, I'm really loving how the layout turned out.

Well, we went through another day with Amy and her fever. She's coughing a bit more, but it almost seems like it may be breaking up (I guess you can call that wishful thinking). It seems like what I call a "tickle" cough. We all went out to the Mall to get some new cell phones. The girls were a bit cranky as they both got up around 5am and hadn't napped since then, but we rode the escalator a few times and they really liked that.

I think we are going to be experiencing round 2 of illness as I noticed Jessica coughing more today and around dinner time, she had a temp of 100. Although after taking some medicine, it dropped to just about normal. Amy's fever doesn't do that. I'm pretty sure she will end up with something, I just HOPE it isn't as bad as what Amy has.

Template-Mrs. Wresh-Template 72 from her blog (I think)
Papers: Floral Celebration kit by Robyn Littlejohn, received from Scrapper's Guide Premiere Newsletter.
Word Art: Karen Aiken kit from November 2006 Scrapper's Guide Premiere Newsletter
Swirl/Brush: Flytrap
Font: AdineKirnbergScript

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find time to create today.


Ljonezy said...

Love the pic of you mil. the lo looks wonderful and I wouldn't have changed the pic either. Hope your little ones are finally feeling better. I know how upsetting it can be when they are sick and not getting better no matter what you do. You are doing such a good job the the load. I'm going to have to get crackin to get some more done. thanks for the luv on my blog!

Veevs said...

Beautiful photo of your MIL and LO! I hope everyone starts recovering soon in your house!

Carin said...

So sorry to hear that your daughter is still sick, poor thing. I wanted to tell you I have really been enjoying your blog. You have really been doing some really fun things. I am so behind the times. I am hoping to try something digital soon. Finally even creating a yahoo account so I can make a comment or two now and then. Uggh.

Clearly Inspired said...

An absolutely great layout! I love the quote and the paper. What a great page to look at time and time again....

Jackie said...

Oh I love the way you did this layout....and the brushes you used...I am in awe..see a scraplift coming :)