Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Friends LOAD 30!!! Yes 30!!!

Thanks for the fun comments I got on yesterday's layout. Susan, to answer your question, yes, I really do let the girls go out in whatever they choose to wear (unless it is not weather appropriate). :o) Actually I used to be a little embarrassed, especially at preschool, but I received full blessings from the teachers there. Their thinking is just like fosters independence! They like that I let them choose what to wear. Plus because the clothes are "lived in" there is no problem if they get messy at school. Okay, enough of that. Just thought I'd let you know that they do wear what they choose out in public.

Onto today's layout...Here you go!
Wednesdays are Amy's early release days from school. We have a good stretch of time where the girls can play, Amy can do her homework and just hang out before we leave for swim class. Amy got her homework done and I really needed to do some cleaning around the house. I came back into the living room to see her in the chair by the window reading her library book, Rocket. It's a Kipper book. I had not mentioned she should read. In fact we were each doing our own thing. That's what made me so happy. She made the choice to sit down and read her book. It was so very sweet, I had to snap some pictures. As my journaling says, my hope is that she realizes what good friends books become. (I still own the Little House books my mom gave me when I was in 3rd-4th grade) I am so happy she likes to and chooses to read. :o)

I really wanted to use this new digi kit-Fresh Start, but her top was red, so I decided to make the photos black and white. Amy was sitting near me as I was working on the layout and she told me I needed to put the color back in her shirt. I don't think she likes the black and white, but I think it suits the papers. I can always do another layout with the pictures in color. Ahhhhh the beauty of digi scrapping!

I already have an idea of what pictures I want to use tomorrow for the last day of the challenge. :o) That's a good start. LOL I could start it tonight, but I won't. I want to be true to the goal I set for myself, which is to create a layout a day.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find time to create today.
Template: Blueprints Set 6 by Vintage Charm (Megan Leeson)-Two Little Pixels
Kit-Fresh Start by Terriann
Fonts: Minion Pro and Pea Tracy


lisascreativecorner said...

I am just lovin' your layouts! I really need to get back into digital design. (I was a graphic designer for 10 years before becoming a SAHM, so I was sort of "computered out" for a while.) But seeing your layouts makes me want to design on the computer again! TFS!

Angela2932 said...

Another thing I love about scrapbooking is how other people's layout can trigger our own memories! I love this layout, and I'm so glad your children are developing the love of reading. My big "kids" (19, 22, 24) are now telling us that they are so happy we read to them when they were little and bought them books.You add really nice journaling to your layouts and blog! I have to admit, I'm breathing a sigh of relief from LOAD now!

Clearly Inspired said...

Just one more! All of your layouts have been awesome! Thanks for all of your inspiration!