Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snowman Cookies-LOAD #2

Well, here's my second layout! Whoo hoo! I am proud of me! 2 for 2 I had some time this afternoon and I'm telling you, templates make it go more quickly for me. Someday I'll get more proficient and "work from scratch" but in the meantime, templates mean I can be productive! Gotta love that!

Steve's birthday is today and the girls and I made a carrot cake (from a mix). They love helping me in the kitchen. They took turns pouring the wet ingredients and then each cracked an egg into the bowl. Finally they got to use the mixer. Then it was off to rest time while it baked. I enjoy them helping me, too. Good mommy-daughter time, I think. I hope he enjoys it. We are probably going out to dinner to celebrate and then he'll get his gift from us. Yikes, I still need to wrap it...oh and a card! Okay, let me get the credits posted and I'm off to finish up those things before he gets home from work.

Template: Bree Clarkson-Collection #9 (
Papers and Ribbons-Gina Cabrera-Holiday Jingle Kit Essential (
Fonts: Betcha thought I'd use Fling again, huh? Nope, it's Roselyn downloaded from somewhere on the net and Pea Tracy again. (

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find time to create today.


Clearly Inspired said...

Another great layout! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I love that paper! And the pic of your scrapbooking room has me drooling. :-) What an amazing space!

SusanD said...

When you get time and I know you are busy, could you please, tell me how you got the rounded corner edges on the Gingerbread Fun LO template?

I tried a couple of things, but did not get it to work! Maybe I should just try harder!

I love that LO; it looks like a mosaic!

Hope you all are having fun celebrating your DH's

The cookies look so cute!