Monday, January 21, 2008

Ivaloe Jean Donnenwerth-LOAD 21

Today is my mother's birthday. Were she still with us, she would be turning 73. For those that don't know, she passed away in August of 1994. I still miss her. More so on special days like this. I have a picture on display that was taken a few months prior to her passing and was the one we used at her memorial service. I was going to do a layout using that one. I asked my husband if he had scanned the picture and as he was checking his files, I saw this one and decided to use it instead. I will probably scrap the other one, maybe for tomorrow's layout. Again, I could have "fixed" the photo, but I chose not to.

I just this morning at around 5am (Amy woke up at 4am, so I was on the computer while she was watching tv) discovered a new website (at least new to me) with some digital supplies that I absolutely fell in love with. Nitwit Collections. Sounds like an interesting name, doesn't it? But the style of the designer is one that I really, really like. She has another site linked Kay Miller Designs and this designer has some awesome templates. They cost a little bit more than I am used to paying, but because I wanted it for this special layout, I went ahead a splurged. The paper collection I used for this layout is called Affection Collection and I bought all the different components for the collection. The font I used is called Chopin Script.

Update on Amy...First of all, thank you for all the comments and well wishes for her. They are very much appreciated! Let me say, this is the first time she has been this sick for this long and it does have me a bit concerned. I hope I don't sound like a nervous nellie mommy. For the most part we go with the flow and try not to make too big a deal out of things lest they get the kids upset. That being said, we went to the doctor again this morning!!! That cough of her is really kicking in and keeping her up at night now. Plus the fact that she has run a fever for just about a full week. So, the doctor listens and says she hears "something" in the left lung. She has the nurse bring in a nebulizer and gives Amy a treatment. Which helps the something sound much better. Whew. But, she sends us to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. I'm still waiting to hear back on that. Oh and her ear appears to be infected! SOOOOOOOO....we have a NEW antibiotic, cough syrup with codeine for at night and a nebulizer machine with albuterol treatments. Sigh...needless to say, she isn't going to school tomorrow either. :o( I just want her to get better and also for Jessica NOT to get the same thing.

Edited to add: Amy's doctor called late this afternoon to say that the x-ray shows no pneumonia! WHEW!!! She has a virus, touch of the flu (maybe), pink eye, ear infection, respiratory infection, horrible cough, fever, but NO pneumonia! She currently (8:15pm) has a temp of 102.4...

Thanks for listening.


Linda said...

That is precious. I love how soft it looks.

Carol Dillon said...

Jeanne, the layout of your mother is stunning! It must be a hard time of year for you.

Poor Amy, she must be downright miserable. I will keep her in my thoughts.

Carol :-)

Kathi Carlson said...

I love this layout, and I know how you miss your mom, because I miss my dad the same way. He died in 1997. I hope Amy gets better soon and that Jessica (and mom and dad, too!) escape whatever bug she's got.

scrappernic said...

Sorry you're going through all this with your daughter. I'm glad it's not pneumonia! Hope she's feeling better soon.

I LOVE your page. What a beautiful picture and fabulous papers. What a nice way to remember your mom.

Jackie said...

Oh these vintage lo..and the template you used...and see Nitwit stuff in my future...I love her stuff..just my style.........darn credit card will have to come out of hiding