Thursday, January 17, 2008

Making Butter-LOAD 17

Here's today's layout...
and Amy stayed home again today. The poor thing just can't seem to shake the fever. When she woke up, it was normal, but an hour later and just before we were to head out to school, it shot up to 101! Most of the day it's been 99-100, so I don't think she's going to go to school tomorrow either. I called the doctor's office and the nurse said sometimes it takes up to 72 hours before the antibiotic really kicks in. She started on Tuesday. So, I'm hoping from here on out we'll start seeing improvement.
She isn't really behaving as though she is sick. She wants to play and eat, which is good, but I cannot send her to school with a fever. I guess whatever this is, and I don't think it's the flu, more like a bad cold, it's making the rounds at school, especially the first grade. She cried when she went to bed last night because she said she misses school. Poor thing! Keeping her home tomorrow might be good regardless because then she'll have through Monday to kick this bug since Monday is a school holiday. We'll see. And I'm totally crossing my fingers that Jessica doesn't get it. I can just see going through another round next week! I had a killer headache today, too, which made me nervous that I was catching whatever this is, but thankfully it finally subsided.
Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be healthy SOON!
I love reading your comments and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Amy's cheeks were pink in the Apple post because she had a fever at the time. She gets all rosy like that when she is hot. Still, she looked pretty cute for not feeling 100%.

This template popped out at me when I was scrolling through my stash. I just had to find some pictures that felt like they went well with it. I think this came out pretty well.

Template Speed Byte Layered Template #3 by Pattie Knox at Designer Digitals
Papers, Ribbon Staple: Cozy Comfy Fall Mega Kit, by Gina Cabrera at Digital Design Essentials
Stitching: Keep Em in Stitches, Feather Stitch, by Lisa Carter at Digital Scrapbook Place
Font: CTMH Noodge
Thanks for looking! I hope you find time to create today.


Jackie said...

Oh I love the way you had things in the me some ideas too :)

Kathi Carlson said...

Another beautiful layout. I love the colors. I hope your little Amy feels better soon. You try not to, but a mom always worries, too. It doesn't stop once your kids are grown up either. They just bring you another generation to fret over! Regardless, I love being a mom and grandma. It's the most important job I have!! Take care.

Anonymous said...
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Donna S. said...

Love that template.. AND what you did with it! Hope your little girl is feeling better... and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

Veevs said...

Ohhh, hope Amy is getting better! Lovely layout!

Clearly Inspired said...

Great layout! Love how all the pictures are in the circle. Another awesome job!

Kari said...

Sorry to hear you've got a sickie in your house ... that is never fun! You've done a fantastic job to keep up with your LOAD challenge!!! All of your LOs look great :)

Ljonezy said...

Love the pics in the template. They work great! I hope everyone is feeling better at your house and you and your other daughter don't get whatever is going around! All the los for the load class have turned out really good!