Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finally Asleep-LOAD 19

Another basic and easy layout for me today. As the journaling mentions, I slept on the couch with Amy last night (Friday), but neither of us got much actual sleep. She wanted to sleep on the couch again and since she's been running the fever all day (thankfully NOT 105), and it seems to help her cough, we're letting her. But she had to promise to actually sleep this time. She did and after a few minutes to settle down, she rolled over and went to sleep. Jessica didn't want to be left alone, so she was on the couch with us for at least an hour past their normal bed time. Sigh...

I snapped this picture after we finally got Jessica to bed and decided it would do for my layout today.

I'm about done for the day so I'm just going to close this for now and will try to remember credits tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting...I hope you find time to create today.


The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Jeanne! You go girl! I am loving seeing your layouts! I wish I had the motivation to do LOADS right now... When your month is up, you're gonna just keep on going because you've created a GOOD HABIT! :)

Big hugs & Inky Smiles!

Jackie said...

Oh poor Amy...know exactly how she feels...I didn't hit 105 but felt awful at 103.....hope she gets better soon :)