Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miss Paul-LOAD 12

Today's layout is pretty simple, but the journaling is heartfelt. You can click on the image to make it larger so you can read it. I wasn't sure what layout I wanted to do today until after we got home from the birthday party of Amy's sweet friend. I remembered that Miss Paul was invited, but chose not to remind Amy in case she couldn't come for some reason. What a joyful surprise for Amy! Not only did she get to go to her very best friend's house, she got to see a teacher she truly loves. Anyway, I didn't take my camera to the party, but I remembered I took this picture on the last day of school or thereabouts. I knew that this is the one I wanted to share in the layout. After Amy's really rocky start in kindergarten that first week, Miss Paul was and continues to be a true blessing. She worked those kids HARD, but she loved them equally HARD! I'm so sad that she won't be the one introducing Jessica to school next year. I got her email address though, so we can keep in touch.

Oh and this birthday party? One of THE best parties I've been to. Miss Susi puts me to shame in terms of throwing a fun time for all. The party had a circus theme and it was fabulous! The decorations were handmade with love, but you felt like you were walking into the circus. They had a ticket booklet they made for each guest and as tickets were used, the kids were encouraged to throw them on the floor! The tickets were redeemable for a hotdog, popcorn, lemonade, cotton candy (in sugar ice cream cones) and games. The kids got to walk across the trapeze (a 2 x4 on cans of peanuts), they got to pin the nose on the clown, squeeze into a play hut like the clowns do at the circus and play Ringmaster Says. After the games were done, each child got a medal. Oh my, did they have fun! I want Susi to help me plan my next party!!!

Okay, credits for the layout...
Template-Misty Cato-Clean and Classy from Scrapbook-Elements
Brush-Japanese Foliage from Jason Gaylor at Design Fruit
Font: Century Gothic

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Donna S. said...

Love this clean layout - nice job!!! :)

Clearly Inspired said...

Wow! I really like this one. The picture is great and the journaling is from the heart. AWESOME!

Kathi Carlson said...

Every layout you've done so far this year has been amazing. I'm so impressed (and a little bit jealous!).