Thursday, January 24, 2008

Printing Layouts Created Digitally

I've gotten this question a couple of times since I started posting my digital layouts and thought I would create a quick post answering it.

First of all, to remind you, or let you know-in case you didn't know, I am using Photoshop Elements 5.0 to create my layouts. By far the best course I've taken in learning how to digi scrap is one taught by Jessica Sprague called Up and Running with Photoshop. Check out her classes at I also purchased some courses from Linda Sattgast at What I like about these courses is that they include video that you can play while you have your program running and you can follow along, stopping, pausing and rewinding as necessary. There are sites that offer courses that you can download or follow the screen shots (to find them, Google "how to create a digital layout" and a bunch of hits will show up). I also like Renee Pearson's books Digital Designs (which I think is out of print now) and Digital Designs 2, which is still available. Jessica Sprague also has a special out called Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers and I hear her second edition is due out next month.

Okay, for printing, first of all, I do not own a wide format printer, and I create 12 x 12 pages. I did print a CD calendar for my mother-in-law at Christmas. I think I used almost a full ink cartridge doing that, so really it's not cost effective for me to print at home.

I have had 5 layouts printed and I had them done at . What I liked is that 12 x 12 pages were $2.99 and they had a flat rate of $2 for shipping, no matter how many you had developed. I liked how they arrived as well. They were sandwiched between sturdy cardboard and inside a plastic bag. I believe I got them less than a week after I ordered them.

Costco is a place I hear about over and over. They do print 12 x 12 pages for about $2.99. I've also heard that they can print 3 12 x 12 layouts on one large sheet (you would have to cut them apart yourself) for about $4.99. The quality is very good from what I hear. That would be a great option IF you had a membership to Costco, which I don't. Although I admit to thinking about joining just for this purpose. Not sure if Steve would go for it, though.

Sam's Club also prints larger photos, but they don't do 12 x 12 specifically. They print 12 x 16 I think and those run around $3.50. I like the photos I have had developed there, so I assume the larger pictures would be equally good, but I do think the cost is too high for me.

So for me right now most of my layouts live in my computer. But when I do want to print, I will use Scrapbook Pictures until I hear of a better deal.

Hope this helps!

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Carol Dillon said...

Jeanne, I am in a similiar position to you. Big printers are rare here in Australia and the paper is even harder to find. We have no where that will print a 12x12 for less than $19, so I also use and love them.
The shipping is $2 to Australia as well, but I always get the registered postage. A couple of girlfriends and I share the same account so we only pay about $2 each for postage on our combined order and we get them in a week which is great!
So any internationals reading Jeanne's blog should also look into
Carol :-)