Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I don't know if I made the cutoff on the LOAD challenge for today. I can't remember if they are using Pacific or East Coast time. I know I got it done in time for it to count for my own day 23!

I actually saw a blog of a digi scrapper friend and she's been sick, too. She created a layout that inspired this one. She scrapped the foods you eat/drink when you are sick. I thought it might be appropriate to show the signs of being sick, which is what is repeated in the journaling.

This was a bit more difficult to create than I thought. I started out with a completely different template, but wasn't satisfied with any papers for that template. So I scoured my digi stash and finally selected this one. In amongst trying to decide, Jessica kept asking me to snuggle with her and how can I turn that down!?! Anyway, the papers are again from the Affection Collection that I've been using a lot this week. Template is from Kissed Studio and the font is Century Gothic.

We were back at the doctor's office today, but this time for Jessica. She's been complaining that her ear hurts and yesterday wouldn't eat saying that it made her throat hurt to swallow. Add the temp and the cough and I figured we should have her checked out. She's got some of what Amy has, but no strep (which is what I was worried about). She actually does have an ear infection, but not in the ear she said was hurting! Go figure. So, now both girls are on a strong antibiotic. Good news, no one threw up today. (have to find the silver lining in the cloud that is sickness) Amy's cough seems to be lessening and while this can be considered good, it's also not so fun. Amy must be feeling better because she was teasing Jessica and generally being really ornery. Unfortunately, she still had a fever of 100 at bedtime, so she stays home again tomorrow. Jessica is much more clingy when she is sick than Amy is, so I've spent lots more time on the couch today. My free cell game is getting a work-out because I can only watch so many kid shows before I start to go bonkers, especially as often as they repeat episodes. LOL

Okay, now I think I am rambling, so I'd best sign off and get to bed so I can be rested for another day tomorrow. g'night.


Clearly Inspired said...

You know what I think is so cool about you scrapping a page every day? You scrap about "things" that I never thought about capturing, but that occur all the time in our lives. I saw on the net yesterday about a 30 day photography challenge, which makes people take pictures about every day asapects of our lives. Great job!

scrappernic said...

Hang in there--sounds like your house is no fun right now. At least you've scrapped it, so you'll never forget--LOL!

Laurie said...

Your sick LO turned out cute too! I will have to remember you and Jackie's LOs in the future. I hope that everyone is your house feels better soon. It is bad enough when you are sick, but when your kids are sick too, that is really hard. Big hugs to you! :)

Jackie said...

Oh LO :) Hope your girls are on the mend soon :) And that you don't get is nasty

SusanD said...

Your LO's of your family are dear! From your Dad to your MIL, they are such dear tributes that you cared about these people. I too lost my mother when she was young and your LO's so touched my heart!

Carol Dillon said...

Your layout is great, especially love how you have done the journalling.

I hope your house gets it's health back real soon.

Carol :-)

Carin said...

Love the lay out. So admire that you get to it everyday! Quick question. How do you print out your lay outs? Do you print at home or have them done somewhere? Where have you found a good rate for 12X12? How the kids get better soon!