Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Goggles-LOAD #6

Here's the layout for today. I almost forgot to do it, can you believe it? We went to the Bass Pro Shop today to show my Dad this cool store. The girls love to check out the huge catfish in the fish tank. My dad also wanted to go to Target so the girls could pick out a toy. They at first said they wanted Pollys (no surprise there, although they didn't get any for Christmas) but they ended up with a Little Pet Shop and a My Little Pony set. I decided I was missing that Free Cell game that we gave to Gramma Tomshack and was going to buy myself one, but my dad bought it for me.

Anyway, it was a nice day. Dad wants to go to Gunther Toody's for dinner. He loves that place. Who am I to complain since that means I don't have to cook! Nah, it's a fun atmosphere and the food is pretty good too.

Okay here are the credits for this layout. I like it pretty well but it may get reworked at some point. I mainly want to keep my streak alive!

Template: Di Hickman Set 1
Papers: Jeannie Papai-Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot and Grime paper (the blue ones)
Pink papers: AL Give Thanks Kit from (dark pink with swirls) and Katie Pertiet's Scrap Pink Kit

Fonts: Goudy Stout (title), CTMH Uptown (journaling) 2Peas Mademoiselle

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find time to create today!


Carol Dillon said...

Jeanne you are doing a great job with the load challenge, all your layouts are fantastic!
Carol :-)

Connie said...

Love your layouts. I do not do digital scrapbooking but I really get a lot of inspiration from you layouts.

Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, you are so inspiring! I hope I can be as focused as you are in 2008.

Love the circles! I wish I used more circles. Thanks for all the great layouts!

Dawn said...

You are on a the layouts...and thanks for all the help on my blog!!

rrbco1995 said...

Love the colors. The blue/green matches the water well, so the background blends in and lets Amy's picture pop! The pink is the perfect shade as well to highlight her goggles. One advantage to digiscrapping is that you can have all these "papers" in your stash yet they take up no physical space!

Jen said...

You're doing great at the digital layouts, love 'em

PS I'm tagging you....
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