Friday, January 18, 2008

Free Cell-LOAD18

Admittedly this is NOT my best layout. I'm sorry for that, but I did at least DO one! :o) Because it was questionable today.

Amy wasn't doing too well today and we ended up back at the doctor's office this afternoon. Here fever kept going up instead of dropping. While waiting for the doctor to come to the exam room, Amy looked up at me and some yucky gunk was coming out of one eye. This hadn't happened all week. Doctor comes in and looks at the tissue I used to wipe it and says that's pink eye! Okay, HOW does my child end up with pink eye when she hasn't been in school for four days?? Maybe it's the virus working its way out. So we get a prescription for that. Doctor says the antibiotic she is already on will cover everything except walking pneumonia and she listened carefully and determined she doesn't have that. So, she's got a virus and we need to keep doing what we are doing. If she's not better after the round of antibiotic we are to come back.

So we go home and at around 4:30 I check her temp and it's up to almost 105! I about freaked! Got her into the tub, called hubby and then the doctor's office and gave her another dose of ibuprofen. My poor child had chattering teeth and just looked so out of it. Thankfully the bath helped get the temp down and she perked up. It hovered around 104 for a few hours. I checked before she went to bed and it was 99-100, so HOPEFULLY that was the final spike and she is going to turn around. Poor Amy and also poor Jess because I keep focusing on Amy and Jess wants some attention too.

So after dealing with this all day, I hope you understand that this is about ALL I could come up with. I actually thought it was a kind of funny subject, since I've been playing this game a lot these past few days. The girls do like to try to help me win, too. They love watching the numbers zip up to the top row when I do win a game. I almost took a picture of Amy on the couch, but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

PS...this post marks 100 posts for me! Can you believe it???

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Thanks for visiting. I hope you find some time to create today.


Linda said...

That is admirable and shows your dedication to this. I think it's great. :D

Kathi Carlson said...

I've had this gut feeling that all was not well at your house and that it most likely had something to do with Amy. High fevers freak me out, too, and pink eye is miserable. I had a run with that myself about six weeks ago - first time in 54 years - caught it from Mathias. I hope things turn around for you soon. In the meanwhile, I'll be thinking about you and saying a little prayer for Amy.

Jackie said...

Oh Jeanne....poor baby...hopefully she is totally on the mend...

I LOVE FreeCell too..but never saw the handheld game..I play it on the computer...addicting :)