Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad to the Bone...

100_4893 This is a picture of my brother-in-law, Jeff. He is the hubby of Steve's sister, Sandy. Doesn't he look "bad to the bone?" LOL He's a super nice guy, who is funnier than heck. I actually rode on the back of that bike while we were there. It was fun and I didn't swallow a single bug. I took this picture from the van as we were heading back to Steve's Mom's place. The van was moving, too! I think we were going about 30 mph. Not too shabby, eh? I'm just not sure how to scrap this one. I don't have any motorcycle type stuff and for one picture I don't really want to buy any.  Maybe I should stick to blacks and grays with a little pop of red?

Sorry, no digi layouts today. I was busy cleaning. Steve has decided to clean out his little office in the garage. It is packed with old technology stuff, books and his Dad's genealogy information. Steve has decided to purge some of the junk. In doing so, he is moving things out to the garage room that used to be my craft space. He asked me to straighten up a bit so that one of the tables could be folded down and another patio table put in its place. So, Jess and I did that this morning. Well, Jessica didn't work, she watched TV and played with the dog.

Speaking of Jessica...she's doing much better! By yesterday afternoon she was her sweet, perky self again. Whew! Today she went back to school with no problems.

After I cleaned up the garage area (as much as I was going to today anyway) I dropped Jessica off at school and worked on my major hotspot, the breakfast bar. Did a fairly good cleaning there. It looked so nice! Wish it would last, but it never does. LOL I worked on cleaning up my craft corner too.  Something about Mondays puts me in cleaning mode!

So I apologize for nothing creative today...but hopefully the picture taken from the moving van will impress you?



Kathi Carlson said...

Cool photo! Black, grey and red would work for a scrapbook page. If you buy anything, how about some red banana print to match his headband? It works for other stuff, too. My sisters and I had motorcycles before we had drivers' licenses, so I love 'em. Gave it up, however, for motherhood! I'm glad you had a productive day and that Jessica is all better.

Carol said...

That is a cool photo and pretty clever considering you were both moving. Any photos of you on the back?

Good to hear Jessica is recovering and back to school.

Dawn said...

Great picture!! You are cleaning!!?? i suppose i should too but all i want to do is play on this computer!! hurry up and get back to what you really want to do and are so good at!!LOL...dewnie

Barb W said...

I am very impressed by the photo, but even more impressed that you rode on it and didn't swallow a bug! LOL! I think your idea about which colors to use is a good one, stick with that and you can't go wrong. Can't wait to see the result.

Glad your daughter is better and good for you getting some cleaning done. I should be doing THAT instead of THIS, but THIS is so much more fun than THAT!

Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

stampmonkey said...

Great photo of a moving target -- they're hard to get! I saw a 'Harley' card the other day made with Flourishes' Menswear set...they'd cut off the sleeves of a shirt and made it into a vest. Looked great. If you want the link for inspiration, LMK and I'll dig it up for you. ;)

Glad you enjoyed cleaning -- are you feeling okay? lol -- and that Jessica's feeling better!