Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Favor & a Peek at My Creation Station

My little Jessica is turning 6 (!!) next week and we are having a little party for her on Saturday. I saw a variation of this idea on a blog recently and stumbled upon a stocker at Michaels putting out a package of these tubes, 100_4914so I snatched them up.  What do you think? These will go home with the guests, although I may change up the goody that goes inside. I saw the idea here and on other blogs as well, but this will give you a link to a template if you wanted one. Good luck finding the tubes though. I didn't ever see them until I saw the guy re-stocking the Martha Stewart Halloween stuff.

Here's a photo I took of my Creation Station (as Erin G. called it) the other day. You can definitely see that it is evolving. LOL 100_4913 I'm not particularly fond of that butt ugly love seat and would love to replace it with a bookshelf for more storage, but all in good time. I would also like a shelf or two above the table to get it a little less cramped. I moved the stamp pad storage a little as I found I had to stand up to grab the stamp pad I needed and they were piling up on the table because I'd also have to get up and lean over the table to put them away! The narrow tall shelf is one I've had for years (back when I lived in CA-over 14 years ago now). It was just a knick-knack shelf, but I've found it will hold the CD cases of clear stamps perfectly! Don't you just love it when you can find something neat like that in your own stash? LOL I think I am happier by the day to be inside the house again. I was cleaning up in the garage room the other day and found mouse droppings in different areas. Gave me the willies and any thought I had of heading back outside were quashed by the sight of that. Ewwwww!

That's it for today, friends. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Wednesday to you and hope the rest of your week goes great. *Ü*



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I am so glad that you can move back into the house now with your creative things! I think it will beat hauling out to the craft room in the depths of a CO winter! :) YAY! Now... get a nice fru fru slip cover for that loveseat or something.... LOL!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the party favor.... can I come to the party?

Carol said...

The party tube looks great and I personally would love one!
However my first thought was, what is it made of? Plastic ok, but would be concerned giving kids glass. Just a thought.

Clearly Inspired said...

Oooo, I wish I was coming to the party just to get one of those. Very cute! Love it!

stampmonkey said...

That is a darling party favor, Jeanne! I'm sure everyone will love matter what you decide to fill it with. I'm guessing they're made of plastic since you're planning to give them to little girls??

Your 'creation station' is definitely growing (funny how that happens). As for your, um, lovely chair, you could always put a cute slip cover over it until you can replace it with a bookcase. ;)

Anke said...

wow, you really are creative! That is such a cute treat, I wouldn't mind one of those myself, LOL.

Barb W said...

REALLY cute party favor, Jeanne! I want one! I want one! LOL!

I'm glad you're back in the house, too. The only mouse I want to be near is MICKEY mouse! I love your Creation's coming right along!

Kathi Carlson said...

Cute!! And a birthday party. Fun! Your corner is looking good. Creating a space is a process.As for the mouse droppings, that would be enough to keep me out of the garage forever. EEK!!