Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do You Have An ATG Gun? **Enabler Alert**

Happy Sunday!

I was checking out some suggested blogs on my Reader and came across one where the gal talks about ATG guns and refills. She'd been holding out on buying the big red gun because of the price. Apparently there's a website where you can buy the adhesive for a great price. Click on this to see what I bought. I checked out the reference on Splitcoast (the thread is 6 pages long!) and decided to place an order to try it. You get free shipping on orders over $35. Oh and for those who don't have a tape gun...they sell those, too for $25! I will soon have 24 rolls of this stuff that appears to work well or better than the 3M tape. If you read the thread on Splitcoast...the tape is acid free and doesn't leave what they are calling "boogers" like the 3M tape does. I was down to my last couple of rolls of adhesive for my gun and didn't relish buying more...would rather spend the money on goodies not adhesive!

Anyway...the reviews are positive and the price is good, so thought I would share for others who may not know about this. Just doin' my part to help the economy, you know!Batting Eyelashes 

I love bloggin'!



Clearly Inspired said...

You will love your gun! I don't like to stamp without mine. Have fun!

Kathi Carlson said...

With all that tape, you'd best get busy! Kidding, of course! I don't have one but will be looking forward to your reviews! Have a great day!!

Sandra T. said...

I love my ATG! I won't ever use any other adhesive but that one! Enjoy yours when you get it!

Gloria in Utah said...

I am an avid Tombow user. I have friends that have this gun and have blinged it up. They love them, but when I went into my local store to check them out, I was really put off by the size. Is this one smaller? I'm still sitting on the fence!! I will be interested in how you like yours too.

gloria in Utah :)

stampmonkey said...

Thanks so much for that info, Jeanne! I bought a gun several months back but it's the kind that has to be 'fitted' to hold the narrower tape so I've yet to put it together! I'll definitely be bookmarking this site. ;)

Felicia Fernandez said...

You're too funny! I'll have to look into this when my mom gets here. She'll be interested in it too!

And for my friend, no you don't know her. I'm cryptic because there are those who read my blog that do know her but not the situation so I tried to keep it as ambiguous as possible. Thanks for the good thoughts. I never want to be where she is right now.