Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday was field trip day for Jessica's class. They went to the pumpkin patch. I went along as a chaperone (finally-I've not been able to go as one because I've always had Jessica). Not sure why, but the teachers chose a pumpkin patch that was a good 45 minutes away from the school. What that meant is, I think we spent the same amount of time on the bus as we did at the actual pumpkin patch! We were to go to 7 stations and boy did they move 'em quick. LOL On the drive up it started out sunny, then the farther north we went the foggier it got. I was a little concerned that it would be too foggy at the patch, but as we pulled up, apparently that was an area where the fog had lifted! This field trip was Jessica's first time on a school bus. She was quite excited.

I'm going to be sharing photos, hope you like.

100_4969 First up, the class was singing Happy Birthday to Jessica. Happy She got to be the calendar person since it was her birthday.





Our guide. She had the 100_4970neatest accent (could have been English) and a fun pumpkin hat and t-shirt. She seemed to be a fun person.








Fun photo op spot.






100_4982 Jessica found a really funky gourd!






100_4987 But I don't wanna pet it, Mom!






100_5011 Last one. There are others, but there are other children in them and I didn't think I should post them.




We had quite the busy day (or maybe I should say I had quite the busy day)! Jessica normally goes to school in the "afternoon," but for the field trip she had to be there at the start of the school day (7:45am). Because I was helping...I had to be there, too. We got back at around 1pm, and I had to pick the girls up at the end of the day-so a quick breather there. We had swim lessons after school. Got home from that and fixed a quick dinner-oh and squeezed in a quick phone call to my brother for his birthday. Then Amy and I were off to her Brownie meeting from 6-8pm! I dropped her off first, then made a quick stop to the store and back to the meeting where I was quickly recruited to help with the craft project they were working on. I manned (or should I say "wo"manned the hot glue gun for a table of girls). They made cute little critters with baby food jars, fun foam, googly eyes and cotton balls. I'd show a picture of Amy's but it's already falling apart! I think hot glue wasn't the best choice for this type of's not forgiving enough when you transport the project from the meeting to home.

Once we got the girls to bed I was D-O-N-E for the day. It was a fun day, though!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm hoping to get to my Creation Station after a maybe I'll be back later today!



Anke said...

that sounds like a great day! I love the pictures, especially the tree with the pumpkins, how fun!

Barb W said...

Fun day! And that IS one funky gourd! Yikes!

Carol said...

Sounds like a great day. I wish we had things like pumpkin patches and halloween over here.

stampmonkey said...

I remember doing that when my kids were that age -- what fun memories! Can you tell me the name of the pumpkin patch you went to? I'm thinking it's got to be somewhere near us, based on your time on the bus. ;) We miss having our annual family trip to Oak Glen (in CA), and was hoping to check this place out to see if it might be worthy of a Saturday outing. tfs

Kathi Carlson said...

What a fun outing! Great photos for a layout, too. I suppose Grandma better get her hands on a few pumpkins this weekend for a little carving adventure next week! Can't wait!!